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The floating desert

rated 3.92 / 5 stars
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Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop

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May 17, 2013 | 6:27 AM EDT

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The Floating Desert:
So, baisically thats my first game. its a short platformer and it has no real purpose. Just get out of the floating desert or something...

Left and Right - Move
Up arrow - Jump
R key - Restart Level
Backspace - back to the title screen

-Bugs?? yep. consider that its my first game ever and im still learning... so yeah.
-Lots of people seem not to get it... the darker platforms are Supposed to be implemented to the background, so dont try and land on them.




Rated 5 / 5 stars

cool game dude

BobieThe11th responds:

Thanks man :D


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Very good, up until one particular level. Don't know the number, but there were three diagonal floating spikes at the very start of the screen. It was physically impossible for me to reach one of the platforms using the mushroom spring. I did it once through some technical miracle, but I died and could not do it again no matter how many times I tried.

BobieThe11th responds:

Did you play it with the yellow one? because for some reason i remember that's the only character that had a problem with passing some level...


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This game is 4 kb?!?!?!?!?!?

BobieThe11th responds:

I guess :)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice man,

A totally legit, classic side-scroller. It reminded me of those old commander keen games!

BobieThe11th responds:

ol commander keen.... thanks by the way :)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ok, so I finished the game, and here's what I noticed.


1.The simplicity is almost charming, actually.

2. Well-planned out plat-forming, giving the player both a difficult and fun experience. The difficulty curve is good. At times it reminded me a bit of Super Mario Land, a game I played over and over again as a child.

3. Humor, and even some character development. I liked how sometimes there would be guys meeting their destiny at the hands of bandits in the background. Gave it some storyline. And the falling block that had a hidden stationary block underneath it, reading "lol." I can say that being trolled in this game was somehow a plus.

4. I really like the setting and protagonist. The way he moves is humorous and his huge grin almost endearing. He could brush his teeth more though. I feel like this could be turned into a series. Try creating plat-formers in different settings, if you feel so inclined. Space in particular comes to my mind. I think I'd enjoy such a game.


1. The platforms that drop could have re-spawn times so that if you mess one up, you don't have to start all over.

2. Sometimes it's not very clear where you are supposed to go (in particular when there are moving blocks you can't see yet or a bouncy mushroom hidden just under sight) which adds to the challenge, but also the frustration.

3. We could use checkpoints. As the difficulty increased, it was frustrating having to do levels more than a few times from the beginning.

4. Lack of music, which is also a positive in a way. At least you didn't throw in some terrible loop. I just put on some chillstep and was happy enough.

5. Lack of complexity in art and gameplay. Not much to the background, and the color scheme slightly monotonous. As I said in the Pro's, however, it works. More concepts could be added: he's in a wild west type setting, he could have a gun to shoot the annoying wandering bandits. However, this being your first game I understand simplicity. Just keep developing and improving.

6. Bugs: after dying some of the dropping platforms don't reappear until dying again. Secondly, the hit-boxes for the spikes can be off. Very distinctly on one level, where there are spikes in the middle of three descending platforms. If you're just to the right of the spikes, not seeming to touch them, you move and you die. That one section was the most frustrating part of the game for me. Lastly, sometimes you cling to the side of blocks. You can move from that position, which can be handy actually, but still a bug.

7. The last thing that struck me is that it was too long. It just dragged on a bit too long for what the game is. Nothing wrong with that, you just have to add more features to make it more interesting. Power-ups, different enemies, an intriguing storyline. Do what you will, but add something to make the game a bit more spicy.


All in all, a great first game. I truly enjoyed it, and hope to see how you progress in your creations.
4/5, well done.

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BobieThe11th responds:

your review was very helpful! i'm really glad you have enjoyed it and i will be sure to consider your advice in the next projects!