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May 16, 2013 | 5:29 AM EDT

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The objective is to switch two adjacent hearts to make a horizontal or vertical set of three or more hearts of the same color.



Rated 4 / 5 stars May 18, 2013

Now THIS is my kind of game. I have been a great Bejeweled fan ever since the first game and this game MOSTLY does it justice.

Main reasons why It didnt get a full 5 stars (These are just MY preferences):

Lack of Click and Drag: As with any puzzle game of this type, clicking and dragging the item helps speed up the game and also reduces the need for clicking by half making it have less impact on the Carpal Tunnel of the wrist, meaning people can play longer.

The fact you have to wait until the last match clears before connecting another one. It slows the game down because it takes an avrage 1/2 second to clear the first match and if you do a cascade, it could take a few seconds. Seeing as how you have limited time, it makes it harder to rack up a really high score. and you spend at least 5 - 10 seconds of your time waiting.

The lack of any real deepness. The game itself is a fantastic game. If you invest a little more time in it and include updates, it could easily become a portal top. People like powerups and being able to earn currency and buy things. A GREAT way to do this, is allow the player to spend his.her SCORE. Each time they play, their score is added to a total, making a Total Overall Score. Then, they can use their score points to by special upgrades or even new designs. Making it where people can get what they want, but also not exp load the leaderborads with insane scores.

Even if you don't do anything more with the game, I will still play it constantly. Its a great fun game.

LOVE the BGM. It relaxes me. Not like Bejeweled. In Bejeweled, I feel like I am forcing to rush, this game, I don't even care.

Bug: Sometimes, some of the items will vanish leaving open spaces in the board, the problem with this is, if you click and item around the empty space, that one disappears as well until you select a different one. It happens rarely though.

bachiin responds:

Thanks for the positive feedback....we will work on the later version of it....


Rated 3 / 5 stars May 16, 2013

the game is nice the music relaxing but the yellow tone of the table messes with the yellow hearts, peace out.