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Dragon Boy 2

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May 14, 2013 | 5:15 PM EDT

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Author Comments

-wasd/arrow keys to move
-Mouse to attack in certain direction.

Player 2:
-wasd to move
-j or k to attack

-Numeric keys as skill short-cuts

Menu keys:
-i for inventory
-t for skill tree
-p for team party
-o for options

Available in english, spanish and mandarin.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

If I'm right, there are 9 elemental stones in the game. Lightning, Fire, Ice, Moon, Sun, Plasma, Death, Zombie, and Life. You can only choose one.
Lightning- Your dragon will gain the ability to call down a lightning nova, dealing AoE damage.
Fire- Your dragon will shoot fireballs. Somewhat ineffective, since you can't control the direction it faces easily.
Ice- Your dragon shoots balls of ice. Same issue as the Fireballs.
Moon- Your dragon calls down hail. Deals more damage than lightning, and slows.
Sun- Turns your dragon into a flamethrower. Great damage at close range.
Plasma- Your dragon gets a long range attack that will hit very hard, but is very hard to aim.
Death-Your dragons attacks will deal 1/5 of enemy health.
Zombie- Your dragons attacks will turn enemies into zombies, where they decay and die in seconds.
Life- Your dragon will shoot a power ball. It will also heal your hero.
Once you apply a stone to your dragon egg, it will take ~15 fights to hatch. Once it hatches, you have to get 1200 experience for your dragon before it will learn to attack. At level 7, their attacks get much stronger and have more of an effect. (There may be more levels, I haven't reached them yet.)
Side note:
If you want the game to go smoothly for you, start out as Umbra. Charms/gear/stones found can be used on other characters by putting it in your stash.
Atal gets screwed up pretty easily without high defense/health.
Azarac is weak early game, but once you get lightning nova things get easier. Stack exp+ gear to level her up as quickly as possible. Defense/Life charms will let her tank her way until she gets lightning nova.
If this helps you, copy/paste it and keep it recent for players to see.
Original Poster - Krefe


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good work Godlimations! You're on a great way to becoming a world renowed popular game company!
After all, delivering an insanely bugged game before proofchecking it is a known professional's move!


Rated 4 / 5 stars



Rated 5 / 5 stars

@nagin choose new game and load saved character


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

In the name of all that is unholy! Not trying to be extra harsh or anything, but you should consider actually FINISHING the game before releasing it. Bugs everywhere!

One of my main problems with this is the change in the selling mechanism. Why change it from clicking to dragging? It's resulted in me buying an item at LEAST every other time I go on a selling spree because I just wanted to get through it by going fast as possible. Which in turn has caused me to buy one of the bugged Rune Blades that won't get out of my damned inventory. Had the clicking to sell feature been kept, this would not be happening.

The Dough Nuts are overpowered to the point of insanity if you aren't playing as the equally overpowered Umbra. I should not have to grind with Atal up to level 30 in order to have a SLIM chance of killing the damned things. Now I do like the idea behind Umbra, as I do love me some necromancy, but she's just so op in compared to all the other characters. With her insanely high luck and gigantic wall of defensive monsters, she can literally not be killed (unless the enemies are something like the doughnuts) once you get the Master skill to level 20.

Limited inventory space is something that drives me insane in all games that have it. Why do I have to pick and choose the ultimate equipment I want to save for other playthroughs and characters?
And speaking of which, EVERY SINGLE TIME I accidentally drop some super awesome weapon or charm, it turns into a motherfucking MACE with level one damage.

I like the new dragon choosing system, but when I started with Atal, I didn't even get a damned fire stone until the middle of the Snow area! And now that I understand that there's a Death Stone, I'm not even going to get to start using my dragon until I find one with Umbra because her luck is insanely high. I should just be able to choose basic dragons the first time I play, and unlock more as I beat the game or something, with the last unlock being the Death dragon. The dragon raising system was much better in the last game - where you had to choose whether you want your healing items for yourself or to level up your dragon. In this, the spirit drops are so rare (even with Umbra) that the dragon will be completely useless for the majority of the game.

Now, don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the game. I just would like it to be a bit more balanced.