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Go Forth

rated 3.21 / 5 stars
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Apr 30, 2013 | 4:49 AM EDT

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Author Comments

A survival-comedy game about 'choices & probability.'
There are a few different endings ...and yeah, "sh*t happens" along the way. It would be nice if we can learn to laugh at our misfortunes sometimes, especially in a game.

There is 0 handholding apart from this description, so it may take a few attempts to figure things out in the game. Despite it's initial appeal, 'luck' is a minor factor.

Please give feedback freely without holding back.
We appreciate all sorts: the good, the bad, and even ASCII porn :D.
If the game invokes some small sense of "oh, wait... I figured something out" here and there for some of you, that would be the greatest form of validation in making this piece.

Thanks for giving it a shot. ]:)



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Fun concept.

Just lurking around the same boring terrains, nothing happening has too high probability I think. Maybe if player could speed up or skip the walking part, it would be nice. It is also not clear why sometimes objects (like gray blocks) appear in the forest and after making the decision it just disappears. It also makes no sense ignoring rabbits, you always gain food if you hunt them. Thirst and hunger meter is good but maybe a health meter would be handy. Or the other way around, hunger and thirst could be expressed in phrases like "you are REALLY hungry" instead of a bar. Sometimes I did not know why exactly the character feels sick with a hanging head.

Glitch: climbing a cliff with a lost leg animated as if the character would have two legs again while climbing.

What is the goal of this game? Walking as far as you can or getting to the king's grave? It was a bad feeling that I cannot continue just because I have found a grave. So what? What if I want more adventure or more kilometers?

Walking together with another character would be a great sequel. Different terrains having different background music would also boost it up.

plugza responds:

The point of this game is in the description.
Before we create this game. We think about....
"If the game makes you just go straightforward. But Good/Bad things happen are upon the choices you make. How the players will react if they don't know about the finish line and any progress?

Ignoring rabbits give you time. It means you don't waste your time to hunt the rabbit and go on.
Some decisions in this game won't make progress/distances but days are counting.
Or You can find the shortcuts, get the distance and just take less times than normal.

So that means "Need foods or rush to the goal, your choices".
When you dies or complete the goal you will see total days.
Normally the player will complete this game around 150-180 days.
if you run more than 180 days that means you took your time with something or didn't make any progress at some points by choices you choose.

The fastest player I've ever saw is 137 days.
And the slowest one is 286 days.

PS. There are more than one ending that you can find.

Thanks for feedback. This is a good critics review for me.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

A small suggestion here. Perhaps you could incorporate medals into the game?


Rated 4 / 5 stars

NIce game. My 3rd go around I found the King's Grave around day 182. And I did have that, "Ohhhhh, ok. I got it now!" moment. It managed to keep me entertained for a long while. Thanks guys.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow, this is an amazing little game! You had me hooked for an hour, and I made it up to 105 days (pathetic, I know). The graphics were cute and beautiful, and the exploration was challenging-ish and fun. The music also gets stuck in your head... 5 stars!

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plugza responds:

Glad to see how happy you are and thanks for your response. :')


Rated 4 / 5 stars

For 215 days (in-game of course) I was at the mercy of you creation. My poor little bloke lost his right arm and left leg searching around, forwards and backwards mostly messing around in the woods and high mountaintops. I have to say I liked it. It was a simple game sure, but that doesn't matter. I was actually worried when playing, and to me that's the sign of good game design. Too many games simply let you go on your way without any challenge whatsoever and for me... This brought on a sense of nostalgia. Upon day 215, I found the World Tree and I rather like that ending.

I think I experienced all of your biomes as far as I can tell. Basic plains, forest, the river in the forest, the desert, the ascension into the mountains and the mountains themselves. I don't know if you HAD a fire area like a volcano or an arctic tundra but that's okay, always next time.

ONLY FLAW I FOUND MECHANICALLY: When ascending with the rope you regain both of your lost limbs back in the cut scene. But you DO NOT carry them over to the following stage.

Suggestions as far as I can offer: Maybe if you create a sequel give a new game+ mode where you can start with three initial items as opposed to two. I mean I know the villagers give you things but still, it'd be nice. Another small suggestion for an item? An actual hiking stick. Like for when your character loses his limbs eventually the thought crossed me "why don't I tie my knife to the end of my stick and stab The Cat without putting my limbs at risk?" Like maybe a Rope and a Stick combined with a knife makes a spear? Anyway, it was a good fifteen minute game to last me over.

4/5 Review rating and five stars.

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plugza responds:

This review means a lot to us.
Because I want to make a game that doesn't look down the player's intelligence.
But you have to learn something by play it a few times.
At first this made me worry about how our game went to.
It means you can learn and understand from experiences and have fun with it.

This game will success if the player feels those things.
And I see this review so I knew we achieved the goal.

I'd really apreciated your feedback. Thanks.