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Mar 16, 2013 | 12:27 AM EDT

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Here is the introduction I had made for an earlier version of Astralojia: Movie 1 of 12, which was an experimental form of entertainment for the purpose of telling a long story called a 'FilmComic'.

Thanks for watching and I sincerely hope that you find some enjoyment in it. The website for the project as always is right here:

Thanks again,



Rated 3 / 5 stars

i loved the audio so much XD


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Wow bitch, no. It does not cost money to open Flash and start animating a 20 minute long project on your own. It doesn't even cost that much to make a feature length live action film such as Primer which had a budget of $7000.00.

I can list off several other much more worthwhile Newgrounds authors than you who have made feature length films with inferior tools, their default tools, to modern and professional ones to make said films. I'll list a couple of them now:

Robert Benfer - Klay World: Off The Table
Tyler Gibb - Minushi

Why are you represented by a cat who muffle talks and speaks English simultaneously? That's just fucking annoying.

Speaking of the animation here, learn how to fucking draw a pencil and fill in color in Flash. You know how hard it is to draw a straight line in Flash? You take the line tool, you left click, hold it down, drag your mouse across the stage and release. That's it. Then you copy and paste it a couple times to maintain the length, you draw a triangle at one end of the set and a square at the other. You can't be serious about "novel in length storylines" with that kind of blatantly unfinished work.

Also, I KNOW you're using Flash because it's obvious that you're using the Pencil tool. With that being said, stop using that fucktarded MP4 player and learn what an SWF file is and before you upload that SWF file, learn what a fucking preloader is too and use it. They have them for free to download right here on Newgrounds: move your cursor to the community tab; select download; click the Flash Loaders tab to the left and choose from the myriad of various preloaders you can have and download one. It's so easy a brain damaged Neanderthal could do it and they don't have a working concept of what a computer even is because they're dead.

Stop uploading unfinished shit and stop uploading MP4 files because seriously, a 2.5 megabyte Flash movie should not weigh 20.3 megs.

*Middle Finger*


Rated 0 / 5 stars

I guarantee that you can make a feature length film for far less. How do I know? Because I know of several movies that have been made for less than a million dollars, some of them even animated. Kindly stop trying to pin your own inadequacies on the lack of budget.