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Mar 1, 2013 | 11:56 PM EST

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Welcome comrade er/KobilnikovSI91



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Sorry to be scoring so low, but just about everything in the move was incorrect.

For starters, SCP-682 was designed to be a very similar model to the game six-eight-two (where do you think they got its name from). This means that he was to be a white, lizard like creature with chunks of its body torn out and its bones poking out. He isn't even in the game ( except for when he knocks out an apache helicopter) because of the games Blitz3D engine. He is too difficult to port in.

My second reason is that the nine-tailed fox operative teams wouldn't go into SCP to kill SCP-682. They know it has the power to regenerate health and would run away from it if they see it.

Lastly, nine-tailed fox operatives don't even look anything like that. They wear a very dark blue sleeved shirt and pants, a black Kevlar vest, black gloves (maybe leather), black boots that go up to about midway their shin, black ammo pouches strapped to both thighs and a black riot helmet (similar to the kind swat or riot control officers use) with a yellow coloured visor. They use a black assault rifle or black sub-machine gun of some sort. Each of them dress the same all of the time.

I know all of this because I have played SCP Containment Breach, finished the game with all four endings, watched other people play it (like Markiplier, a YouTube channel) and visited the games wiki.

PS: Try to be factually correct when making a video
PPS: Add some sound to the movie
PPPS: Make the movie longer


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Why did the Foundation troops look like Terrorists?


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Can you make one about me scp-049.


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scp-682 looked great! the Soldiers looked great! but maybe some Death sound for that one that got killed by scp-682 like screaming, Death sounds, bone destroyed, etc. otherwise great video and i hope more will exist.


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I would like to see more scp's in cartoons the idea base is huge was not as scary as it should have been though

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