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Legacy of Heroes

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Feb 7, 2013 | 6:01 PM EST

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Author Comments

-Construct a deck full of heroic allies and mighty superpowers!
-Choose what kind of superhero you become. Will you shape fire into weapons of mass destruction, or intimidate your foes from the shadows?

-Immerse yourself in a deep setting full of enthralling story arcs and sinister enemies, brought to life by professional comicbook artists.

-Team-up with your friends to defeat powerful villains from a killer candy-man to the mysterious kingpin of the underworld!

-Challenge other players to ranked combat in three different forms of PvP.

-Take part in Drafts to win fantastic prizes.

a hero without a cool outfit? Select equipment to turn your character into a costumed avenger!

-Join a League to coordinate with other aspiring superheroes.

-Seek out powerful cards to bolster your deck!

-Level up to learn new skills and abilities to help you take down your foes.

-Other features include: quick leveling, crafting, daily rewards, chat, and many more features coming soon.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Errr Poelpe said this was hard? Ah Ummmm im not Braging but Ive been pretty good at card games and this JUst makes no sense to me Until i figured it out! you gotta empty out your oppents deck before he emptys out yours


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I really want to give this game a higher rating, This game feels so original! I've always been one of those kinds of people who like card games and superheroes, and this was my answer for a game combining the two. But there's two things that prevents me from giving this game a 4.5. First, the difficulty. Honestly, i've had to be grinding on lower class missions OVER AND OVER again to just defeat one enemy! The developers have GOT to nerf some of these characters, because I can't stand having to grind constantly. I also can't stand the prices for some cards. The developers have to nerf these prices too. Second of all, glitches. Sometimes when I'm awarded new cards, they don't show in my inventory. I would like If the developers would fix this. Just nerf some of the enemies and fix some glitches and you got yourself a nice 4.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

maybe the best game


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Honestly, I want to rate this so much higher than just 3 stars. This game is fun, original, addicting, and I have always been a sucker for collectible card games. However, there is just one thing (well, two, technically) that prevents my rating from going any higher than 3 stars. The difficulty. I honestly do not know how you expect players to beat some of these levels without constant grinding, replaying, and hardcore dedication. Some of these enemies are just too overpowered, that it is impossible to beat them on your first run through without a lot of luck. And, although terrible, I could deal with this if it were for one thing, the cooldown. Just in general, to play old levels, and the energy system that is required to fight enemies in general. This prevents players from being very persistent, and, despite the difficulty, keeping at the enemy until prevailing. Instead, you feel angry that you lost, because you now know that because of your failure, you wasted one of your chances. And the energy refill takes a long, long time, and is very annoying to wait for. I am typing this after failing to beat Quickhit for the 20-something time, as I somehow got lucky and already have the 2/3 wins necessary to move on. PLEASE nerf some of the enemies, or reduce cooldown, or prices, or something that will make this game less tedious.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

There seems to be a bug where cards gained through various means do not show up in inventory until the game is reloaded. It doesn't happen always, the but the bug occurs often enough that new people (who would constantly update thier decks...) would find this game frustrating to get into. Other than that, this is a neat combination of card and RPG elements. You really need to offer more fighting styles then the 4 primary ones.