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I Can't Escape

rated 3.85 / 5 stars
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Adventure - Other

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Jan 29, 2013 | 7:30 PM EST

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Author Comments

You have fallen into a vast underground maze. Can you find your way out, or will you end up trapped in darkness forever?

We recommend playing in a dimly lit room with your speaker or headphone volume turned up. It's best to play I Can't Escape late at night, as it is an eerie exploration experience.

Troubleshooting: This game requires flash player 11+. If you don't have flash player 11, the game will tell you, and you should download it (for free) here: .

If you get the error "requires 3D hardware rendering," that means it's not running on your graphics card for some reason. Try right clicking the game, clicking settings, and make sure "enable hardware acceleration" is checked in the display tab, then refresh the page. If that doesn't work, try updating your graphics card driver or your flash player version.

If you're using windows 8, cheese123 mentioned to me that he couldn't get the game to run unless he ran chrome in windows 8 mode. If you're using windows 8 and having trouble, you can try that and see if it makes a difference. Thanks a lot to cheese123!

If you are still having trouble playing the game, feel free to send me a PM!

Want to know if it's possible to escape? You can check out this video: .



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I've always wanted a playable version of that Windows maze screen saver, and this is probably as good as it gets.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Can't even play?! computer, and adobe, dont offer 11

davidmaletz responds:

If you're having trouble getting flash player 11, you can alternatively try playing the game with Adobe AIR, I have a download with instructions here:


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty neat game.

From what I've been able to gather, you have to explore the entire map and locate all of the keys, then return to the floor you started off on to open the gate in front of you, which leads to the surface.

There seems to be only two obstacles throughout the game, which is the darkness, and the odd hole which, if you don't watch it, you'll random descend into. If you don't watch where you're going, you will quickly find yourself plummeting deeper and deeper into the maze, and the further you go down, the darker it gets, which makes it even harder to spot holes.

Eventually you hit a point where it's so dark, that it becomes incredibly difficult to locate holes, and you at some point you'll get trapped in an inescapable room which fades you out to an "End" screen (basically saying you done died fool).

Sometimes a red-eyed, shadowy figure will pop out of the ground indicating that a hole is there, which is nice. And you will notice specters roaming the periphery of your vision, going into total obscurity.

When the author says that this is an exploration game, he means just that. That's all it is. None of the apparitions that you'll see engage you at all, they exist as mere ambiance. Which is fine, especially for this kind of game, but for myself, since I've become so desensitized to horror games, it felt like I was just looking at somewhat creepy pictures, which didn't move me much. I found myself getting really bored, since I wasn't really bothered by the ghosts or the must, and because the game is so single minded; all you're doing is looking for keys, and watching out for holes.

You could potentially cheat by upping the brightness of your monitor when you get to the lower levels of the maze.

For a web-browser game, it's ambitious, and it turned out really well.

Having said that, if you're in the mood for a very ambient exploration type game (which will take some time to complete), this is awesome. You can really relish in the atmosphere the author created for this entry, and at the time of writing this, I just wasn't really in the mood to invest much time into it, and soak up the feel of the game, but I am giving it 5 stars regardless because if I were, I'd enjoy the fuck out of it.

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davidmaletz responds:

Yeah, the pit monsters (red-eyed shadows) have a bad rap, but they are perhaps the only thing in the game that actually try to HELP you by warning you where pits are! It's not their fault that people often mistake their warning for aggression. Now the ghosts, they are truly evil (even though they seem harmless), they follow you at a distance, watch you from around corners, and enjoy sneaking up behind you and pushing you down deeper!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Actually, yuki1406, there are doors you can't open without keys. ;)
As for the camouflaged holes, they were never random. They were most of the time in front of a door or a ladder, so the door or ladder would work as bait for the trap.

I noted as well the light decreasing and the character speeding up as he'd fall into deeper levels. Caused me a burst of panic near my game over. :D
Is the ghost capable of forcing you through the ground to the next deeper level ? It seemed so to me.

Quite a frightening game in the end, if you keep analysing all that is happening. ;)

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davidmaletz responds:

The funny thing about humans is that they have such a strong desire to figure out patterns that they will see patterns even when there are none. Are there patterns - or is it completely random? Your mind will never let stop asking that question. And yes, the ghost is capable of forcing you down a level!


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

If the point was just being scary, I guess this is acceptable, but as a game I found it disappointing.

First of all, it seems like a luck-based game. The keys seemed to play absolutely no role in the game and I couldn't find any clues of what (not) to do. I seriously hope it's just me being dumb and not able to identify a pattern.

I also should say I understand the need for camouflaged holes, but sometimes they seemed so random they transformed a game that should be about keeping calm and being able to figure a way out into a game for feeling annoyed.

At last, the youtube video in the game description is not the least helpful. It doesn't explain how keys work neither gives us a hint of how many floors are there.

And what the hell is happening to newgrounds? The review sections are clustered with garbage.