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Jan 29, 2013 | 7:56 AM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place January 31, 2013

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Traumata is an old school point and click adventure games where you help Adam to navigate an old abandoned apartment and reveal the mystery that hidden there. Nothing can prepare him for the secret and trauma that lies on the 13th floor of the building...

Collect various items, solve puzzle to advance to the next floor, and always stay on your toes to run from a ghastly trauma incarnate that will end the game when he caught you!

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(Optional) Keyboard - A, S, E to switch command. Space to continue text dialogue.

Click on USE/TAKE/LOOK button and then click on an item to interact with them.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Well, I liked this a fair bit more than I thought I would. But there are quite a few things about this game that irks me.

For one, this game really isn't any sort of challenge. Any sort of puzzle that may end up appearing almost immediately gets solved by Adam, even if there was no previous clue to it being a puzzle in the first place. How did he think about the clocks hands pointing in specific directions, or how the reason the Sundays on the calender were marked to symbolize the sun. How on earth did he gather that the poems were about elements and was missing one. Because of the fact that he's apparently all-knowing, it gives the game no challenge at all, and makes it quite dull.

Second of all, the black figure really poses no threat at all. Sure, I admit it startled me the first few times I ran into it, but it quickly became more of an annoyance than a worry. Since it's so easy to lose it by simply leaving a room and coming back, there's no real fear to it. To make it more scary, I would think the figure would have to chase you and you'd have to hide to get away, as it simply disappearing when you leave a room really just makes it tedious than terrifying.

Third, the grammar is a bit hit and miss. Sometimes it's fine, but sometimes it isn't and it causes a bit of a hiccup in flow, either by missing a word or by using an incorrect tense of a word. Surprisingly there isn't too many typos, so at least you have that.

Fourth, I honestly disliked how Adam pretty much reacted to everything with "Nothing of interest." If I saw a ratty bed or a broken mirror, I would at least think something else. I think if more flavor text was added to the game, it would add more personality to it and give up a better idea of what type of personality Adam would have. As of right now he really feels bland.

The graphics are decent enough for a pixelated style, as overused as it is. For the most part it's pretty clear what objects are, and it isn't any sort of eye sore.

I quite like the music, even though I feel like the title music is rather... Unfitting. The rest of the music though gives a very nice melancholy feel, a nice sense of dread that something isn't right with the building.

The concept of going back in time as a younger kid to alter things in the future is pretty cool, though it's nothing too new. It doesn't really hinder much to the gameplay, so I don't really feel a need to pick at it. In a logical point it doesn't really make much sense since these alterations seem more like flashbacks than actual time travel, but I honestly like to think that maybe Adam is just imagining the barricades, but when he recalls that he did something that would prevent said barricades, his mind acknowledges that and the barricades are gone.

Story is pretty much predictable in every stance, and the ending is pretty much unsatisfying. I don't really feel a desire to learn the identity of the killer, since Adam is basically like a cardboard cutout in terms of character. I don't really sympathize with him at all, so I don't really feel like learning just who did it. But my money goes to probably the old lady, since you first see the black figure by meeting the old lady.

Overall, it's a fair game, and like I said I did like it more than I thought I would. But it does have some glaring issues with it that prevents me from fully enjoying it. Perhaps you can fix them with the next installment, as it feels like you want to continue this what with the cliff hanger.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

is pretty good game for beginners of this type of games the story is easy to follow and i like the way the graphics are its a real masterpiece but like every game it has a good and a bad side like the the nothing to be found part its really annoying me and the fact that your space of investigation is pretty much too easy everywhere i go i found everything like hyper-speed it was like a race but for the rest i really enjoyed it i never thought he was the killer i thought it was the old lady or someone else i love the store plus the shady guy scared me a few times in the begin / middle and the game has enjoyable music if u don't listen it too long and the game has some weird addicting play if u know what i mean i tried several times to stop but i always wanted to know more i guess its a special aura :p but for the rest who hasn't played this i would say try it out you'll be amused for a while;) (hope u enjoy)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

What...? I can die??? I died in the 13th floor! :'(


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I'm giving it 2.5 stars just because the graphic and audio are nice. As per the rest... the story is a cliché and even the "switching from past to present" feature has been used dozens of times. Puzzles made no sense most of the time, although this didn't matter because the characters did all by himself. He must be really dumb or a true genius to immediately grasp the connection between red-marked Sundays on a calendar and the word "sun" for example. It could have been at least a hundred other things, or it could have been no clue at all.
Most rooms are empty and interaction with items brings the same couple of standard responses, which makes exploring annoying. You can only do what it's strictly necessary to progress, and this makes playing boring and brings you out of the atmosphere.
The 13 floors seems like a bad excuse to prolong the game as most of the puzzles which are so straightforward it's almost annoying to have to do what it takes to solve them. You immediately know what you're supposed to do and so doing it is unrewarding.
Even the "chase" part becomes a routine as soon as you understand how to avoid the dark figure and he's so slow he never touched me, btw.

I think as an adventure game it needs serious rethinking in terms of interactiveness and puzzle design.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

WARNING - This review contains SPOILERS!

Usually I don't write reviews, but I'll make an exception for this one. I'll start with what I thought that was bad.

The begin of the story doesn't convice much. You need to take some pictures of some random building. Since you can't enter, you drug an old lady and break in. And that building just happens to be the origin of your trauma. I didn't bought that for a second.

Another thing that annoyed me is that you can interact with lots of objects, but only a small fraction are useful. I think there should be less interactable objects or at least they should give some background story, because reading the same message "Nothing to be found" over and over again is annoying.

Now the good parts, and I hope they fit here.

The puzzle difficulty is nice for a casual game, you wont get stuck. The game mechanics are just awesome, with special note on the "past kid" mechanic. There is nothing new on that concept, several games used it and even some movies (ex: Zelda OOT and Butterfly Effect), but the way you used it fit the game like a glove. That was a masterpiece.

This game also have another great quality - it makes you keep playing. I don't know the right word in english, but I tried to stop playing and failed, because I wanted to do just one more puzzle, just one more floor. That is a great quality and countless games miss that.

The shadow killer reminded me of the great classic Clock Tower (and another side note here, if anyone don't know that game, go look it up. Long story short, that game pretty much gave birth to the survival horror genre as we know today. Silent Hill is full of references to Clock Tower). The game in general felt like a "light casual" Amnesia, maybe an Amnesia: The Light Descent.

I can see a game like this as a commercial indie game, like Home or Gemini Rue, you just need to work the story a little better. I didn't bought the begin, like I told, and the ending was too shallow. The progression was nice.

What I would change to make more realistic: Adam know what that building is. He know what happened there, but not the details. Maybe the player don't know at first, but Adam does. He always have nightmares, but lately they are getting worst. Somehow he know that the only way for them to stop is going back to where it all started, and face his trauma.

He finds a job that allows access to the buiding (reporter, photographer, engineer, maybe a fake one). From there, the game goes like it is, but some of the objects and note give more backstory.

At the end, he remebers it all. He remembers what happened and remembers the FACE of the criminal. Here you can add a plot twist, like the criminal being the person that hired Adam and then he appears to finish what he couldn't years ago. Or the killer could be a crazy maintenace guy that helps you get in the building at the start of the game.

Good luck!

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tempalabs responds:

Wow, thanks a lot for detailed feedback and idea! It really bring a lot to think about for us :D
Btw, I agree. People should play Clock Tower more. It's one of a kind horror experience, and this game actually inspired by them somewhat to lesser degree :)