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Jan 27, 2013 | 8:16 PM EST

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Protect your head.
If ANYTHING hit your head, you fail.

Mouse gestures to control:
Hold mouse left button and move left and right to change speed;
hold mouse left button and move up to jump.
*jump height depends on the height of mouse you move.
hold mouse left button when landing to slide.

btw you can also control game with WASD/Arrow Keys:
Left/Right to change Speed,Hold Up to jump,down to slide.
but It's hard to control it with keyboard. I do not suggestion you do that.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Now I'll be brutally honest through this review. I'm doing this on the off chance that you actually read through your comments from time to time. I will start off by saying I'm NOT an animator nor am I a game designer, I am an average joe, a gamer, and I am just the voice of opinion on the matter of your game.

It's good. Well, the idea of it is good. At times the game could be good as well, and I'll admit; it was VERY addicting to play, though I can't seem to manage to make it even a quarter of the way into the game. That being said though, this game felt like it was mixing between a runner and just a straight up artistic game meant for some sort of hidden meaning.

Both variables fell short.

The gameplay became tedious to the extent that I didn't even feel like trying to see what neat little things each century had to offer once I got to that point where the gameplay became stale. The controls WERE highly responsive, but there was no pattern with the randomly generated shapes which made the game that much more harder to play.

If this game was solely made for the challenge alone, the score would be higher.
(The game should have a difficulty meter which affects the number of checkpoints or something.)

On an artistic value, the music was nice and calming, but the sudden and common pauses from jumping completely ruined the flow of the game, and the ticking noise from jumping got more annoying with each jump.

I feel as if I missed out on a LOT because of the difficulty curve of this game, and the curve was just something I was unable to overcome. I'd suggest adding more century themed stuff, and less shapes though.

With all this in mind, you have the makings of a good game, and only a few tweaks would really be needed to make it an AWESOME game. Sorry if I'm coming off as a bit harsh, but the game really was a lot more difficult then what it should have been. This makes it fun for the gamers who like a challenge, but pretty much kills it for everyone else.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Well...its not TOO bad, but it could use some tweaks.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Could be very good. But it's more frustrating than challenging.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Terrible, frustrating and dull. The mouse controls are screwy, because if you move an inch to the right or to the left, the speed changes and you don't jump, the music stops when you jump, as well as the world, and there's places in the game where there is no way that you can jump and not hit the obstacle with the head. The only way I could play was with the keyboard, but that's not great either, because I don't know how many times I need to press W. Challenging, but not enjoyable overall. Make a power bar or double jump or better checkpoints in the next one, if you make it. The only 'reson' I am giving this a 1.. is 'beacuase'.. the music was pretty good.... But that's. it!

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice game. I found the execution could be handled a bit better, particularly talking about the random placement of some objects, but the result is still a really fun and challenging game! Haven't beat it though, halfway through.

Ok, starting with the bad things. I'm sure the random placement of obstacles must been a pain in the ass to make (idk), but it can be a bitch sometimes, almost impossible to pass (Sometimes the opposite). It wouldn't bother me that much, if it wasn't because they are like that at the beginning of the game... It's also weird that the music just stops when the time freezes. It's natural, but it's just really weird. It would help if at those moments it went super slow, or something like that, but cutting of all the sound...

Well, let's leave that aside. Good things. I'd say controls are perfect. Everything is necesary. It's imposible to beat it with keyboard, though. You wouldn't be able to control your jumps well, because calculating the height of the line you draw with mouse it's essential. Also, i found the stopping time while jumping and sliding, GENIUS. It really adds a lot of thinking to the run.

Overall, those two points (Jump and Time Control) are the key to the game, and while being added rather strangely, they work well making this game "stand out", gameplay wise. Plus, the sound and atmosphere don't fall short either... It's just really good! I really liked your game. Brings a lot of "Ohfuckwhatdoido? and "YUUUSSS" moments.

So... Yeah, good luck.