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Elf Story

rated 4.13 / 5 stars
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Adventure - Point 'n Click

Credits & Info

Jan 25, 2013 | 2:28 AM EST

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Arrow Death 5 Points You got impaled by a Gobblo's arrow!
Arrow To The Neck 5 Points Ouch. You took an arrow straight to the neckery.
Arrow To The Stomach 5 Points Yeowch. You took a nasty arrow to the stomachial region.
Baseball Bat 5 Points You found the baseball bat!
Extra Kupo 5 Points You've earned extra kupo!
Fanboy 5 Points You found the fanboy hoodie! It's from your favorite game of all time!
Giant Fist 5 Points You caught a giant fist to the face... and exploded. True story.
Got Battle Dagger 5 Points The kitchen knife that you found has turned into the battle dagger! Shweet!
Got Bombs 5 Points You got yourself some bombs! Now, let's go blow s**t up!
Got Soul Bangle 5 Points You got the Soul Bangle dude! Now you can throw blue fireballs! Hadoken!
Got Steel Sword 5 Points You've found a way to get the Steel Sword! Congratulations!
Got Wooden Sword 5 Points The bat that you found has turned into a wooden sword!
Halfsies 5 Points You got split into two by a bandit elf! Crap!
Impalation 5 Points You got impaled by a bandit elf's thrown sword! Deadly!
Skull 5 Points You found the hidden skull!
Start 5 Points Start the game... press the play button.
Beatdown 10 Points You beat the crap out of that bandit elf! Yeesh...
Blue Flames 10 Points You used the Soul Bangle to send a powerful blast of blue energy at an unlucky bandit elf.
Bombed 10 Points You chucked a bomb at a bandit and blew his guts all over the place!
Dagger To La Face 10 Points You said, "Screw it!" and threw your dagger at a bandit's face! Shweet!
Dead Bird 10 Points You found the dead blue bird!
Electrocuted 10 Points You electrocuted a bandit elf via a Super Pretendo controller!
Face Knifed 10 Points You stuck a dangerously sharp dagger into the fleshy face of an outclassed bandit elf... Nicely done.
Fatal Error 10 Points You found the only way to die in scene 1!
Gobblo Arrow Kill 10 Points You made the Gobblo enemy shoot himself in the face! Cool!
Gobblo Dagger Kill 10 Points Kill the Gobblo with the Battle Dagger!
Gobblo Wood Kill 10 Points You killed a Gobblo with the wooden sword!
Goober 10 Points You found the Goober action figurine!
No Defense 10 Points You failed to block an incoming vertical slash... tsk, tsk...
Pissed Off Shopkeeper 10 Points Dude.... You so shouldn't have made Hobart mad, dude.
Rock Death 10 Points You killed yourself using an immensely heavy rock!
Spin Attack 10 Points You used the jumping spin attack on that blondie of a bandit elf! Good work.
Spinning Destruction 10 Points You used an ultra-powerful, double spin slash to decimate the bandit elf who deserved it!
Squished 10 Points The Ogre grabbed you and squeezed you until you went "pop"
Stabbered 10 Points The bandit threw a knife at you and gotcha right through the heart!
Weak Defense 10 Points Looks like you TRIED to block, buuuut..... yeeeaaahhh....
Wheel Of Decimation 10 Points Whoah... Don't you think that was a bit... uh, overkill? It was entertaining though.
You Should Block 10 Points Sooo, yeah, you should try blocking sometime....
Controller 25 Points You found the video game controller!
Knife 25 Points You found the knife!
Poop 25 Points You found bird poop! Yay!
Shrunken Head 25 Points You found the magical shrunken head!
Game Won 50 Points You freakin' beat the freakin' game! Holy moly!
Ogre Destroyed 50 Points You've defeated the Ogre! Holy crap!

Author Comments

There is now a walkthrough available, courtesy of the fine writers over at JayIsGames. If you get stuck somewhere, check it out! It actually details the entire game for all of you completionists out there.

- Changed BG's from vector to bitmaps, increasing the game's performance dramatically. Most players should be able to play on HIGH quality now :D
- Tweaks to the Ogre's attack patterns have been added

[01.30.2013 UPDATE]
- Officially, officially fixed the Death/Restart Menu glitch
- Added a drop shadow effect to the mute button and Ogre battle restart button

- New red click-indication arrows have been added to let players know where and when to click on the different action scenes
- Hint arrows added to the intro of the Ogre fight scene
- Music mute on/off toggle has been added

- Restart/Death Menu would sometimes still be visible after restarting already; This bug has been remedied.

- The Ogre's attacks can now be anticipated a bit better in this version... however, he's now much harder to beat. It takes 6 successful attacks to kill the Ogre.

Ok, so everyone seems to keep missing the 4th arrow. That's done intentionally. The 4th arrow is much faster and at a slightly lower location than the first 3 arrows. After you block the 4th arrow, quickly click on the bandit elf to choose his death.

- Boss now has less life and should be less "buggy," but also starts attacking more quickly
- There is now a "restart" button on the Boss stage, just in case of any weird, game-stopping bug occurance. The restart button makes elfmin explode, then brings up the restart menu... pretty entertaining just killing yourself actually lol
- The knife icon now responds to when you've thrown it at the bandit elf

I recommend that people play this game on the 'Medium' (unless you're sure your computer can handle it -- I'd rather everyone fully appreciate the artwork on the High setting, honestly) setting, due to the highly detailed artwork/animations creating lag when the game is played online. You can find the Quality settings in the top left-hand side of the game.

You are Edwin. A normal kid, with a normal life. One day, you're playing video games with your girlfriend and all's good. You're about to beat your favorite game of all time, "The Legend of Hooligan," when suddenly, Lord Gorn (the warlock within the game) reaches into the reality realm and nabs your girlfriend! Oh my, lord, jesus, f**k! ...Panicking, you stupidly throw a wild punch and miss, leaving Lord Gorn with a perfect opportunity to smash your face in. Before you know it, you're laying unconscious, on the floor of your room.

Greetings Newgrounders!

Behold! I bring you.... Elf Story! An epic (yet short) journey into a game realm, heavily inspired by the legend of zelda series.

Elf Story is a point-n-click adventure that's heavy in art/animation. A very simple game to get into, and one that almost everyone can appreciate, I would think.

You'll assume the role of Edwin, who later becomes Elfmin, on a 10-scene quest to try and find your girlfriend while battling off vicious enemies...

Enjoy the beautifully animated kills and death sequences as you journey through the painstakingly detailed backgrounds and scenes. Seriously... too much damn work was put into the art and animations... So, please, enjoy the game.

Also, if you notice any bugs at all, please PM me. Thanks!

You've learned new skills and earned new weapons. You've unlocked achievements and killed many a foe. Though you've reached the end of this chapter, your journey is not over... You must finish what you started.



Rated 2 / 5 stars

Look, it seems like you put quite a bit of effort into the art and animation. And that's good. But the game is extremely clunky. Why do I have to click on things twice!? Once for my character to walk over to them, and once again to actually use/inspect them? Why did I have to click in the middle of an intersection before I could choose the path I wanted to go on? What were you thinking? Also, why do I move so slowly? Was all that just artificial padding for the length of the game? Because the game was still short with it. The quicktime events were also frustrating. There was no timer, so you didn't know when it was too late to dodge.

Once again, the game is really visually impressive. But please, remember to put some thought into the actual game as well.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

So far its pretty fun the only problem is that you don't give enough time to evade all the attacks.So far it has nice animation.All im asking is to make it a little easier.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

short but fun


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I completely agree with TenshiNoYami. For the battles, you need a lot more time to click the hot spots. Maybe, putting in a timer will help.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

I had high hopes for this game. It appeared to be a fun game, but in reality, this was one of the most dull flash games I've ever played. It had very few redeeming traits, and it was just overall bad. It almost makes me sad to say it, especially because I can see you put a tremendous amount of effort and time into it, but this was just not good.

The only thing I can say that makes this game good is the art and animation, two of the things you put the most effort into, and two of the things that this game is based on. The art and animation were all done beautifully, and the effort you put in definitely shows. However, I can't say the same thing for everything else.

This can hardly be classified as a game at all. There was nothing enjoyable about playing the game, and whenever you killed somebody, it was just like, "OH, SWEET." Then you return to the blandness of the game until another assassination screen comes along. There were also some very boring and unnecessary things put in, for example, having to click a rock to move to it, click again to pick it up, and clicking again to throw it. I would always seem to go some place, wait awhile expecting my character to perform interactions with the object before realizing I had to do it myself. Also, the movement speed of the character was brutal. Took forever to get him from Point A to Point B.

The music was kind of meh for me. I somewhat enjoyed the beginning theme, but once you entered the video game, it was basically just a beat with a few bass lines tossed in. It fit into the game O.K, but there could have been much better choices for songs.

The game was far too short. I almost thought you were kidding when the ending screen rolled up. I had literally been playing for ten minutes at most, with many breaks in between, aswell as a lot of time spent searching for secrets and stuff. Ten minutes. That's not even a game at all. This would have worked a lot better as a movie than a game.

Lastly, I'd just like to comment on the strategy involved in this game. Point 'n Clicks are meant to be some of the simplest things ever, but this was just so basic. Fights consisted of spamming the left mouse button to do damage. It didn't even really matter where you spammed it.

I could have sworn that was the last comment I was going to make, but I have one more. The medals. Nobody likes easy achievements, especially one that only involves you hitting the start button.

I'm sorry to have rated a game with such great art and animation with such a low score, but I just can't help it. This does not deserve 5 stars, sorry.

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