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Jan 24, 2013 | 3:43 AM EST

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*Please note that this game could be intense for emotionally sensitive individuals.

Sequel is now available here! /portal/view/617620

**Please note that this is a visual novel game. It's mostly just reading a story.**

This is a very large file. Please allow 5-10 minutes for loading.

**Please note: The materials used in this game were purchased from DL Site and I have the license to use these royalty free for commercial purposes.

About: A woman in modern Japan finds herself terrified of leaving the house as she struggles with her less than favorable past. When she finds a stranger staring into her living room window, she begins to struggle even more as she realizes that nowhere is safe.

If you want to download the game, you may purchase the premium version at

This is a full and free online version of Nowhere Safe.

The premium version has:

- full screen mode
- transitions
- higher quality video and audio
- is playable offline
- and most importantly supports indie devs!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

so when is the next part out

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redpandagames responds:

Thanks for five stars!

I finished writing the script. I just need to finish the save / load features and then shove the story into the builder, so... Maybe the end of April?


Rated 4 / 5 stars

This was enjoyable and interesting and all, but... how is this a game? I only got two choices, and they were at the beginning. Everything else was clicking the screen to progress the story.

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redpandagames responds:

I understand how most people would think this probably isn't really a game.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This visual novel was well thought out, and I liked the story, I relate to the main character in many ways which made me like it more. Because this is supposed to be a visual novel, it did all mechanics were placed fairly well as far as flash goes. But the story developed very awkwardly. It jumped around to much and when an event happened, it felt too rushed, which I understand. But without spoiling anything, I will say that the ending felt really pushed and I disliked how it was done, I would have felt much better if you went on to explain a couple days later then skipped ahead instead of doing what you did. Then the way it ended felt really rushed and awkward as well as for having a story like this, obvious to what would happen and felt, at least to me, as a useless cliffhanger. But besides these I enjoyed it very much as the story was well thought out and for being as short as it was, the characters were well developed.

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redpandagames responds:

Thanks for leaving your comments. I finished the script for the sequel, so hopefully that will provide a resolution for you and would probably be more satisfying. I wasn't sure if people would expect the ending or think it was predictable. So far, the reviews have been extremely mixed.

It's difficult to keep the pace fast to prevent the story from being boring, and not rush it. I cut some things out, even in the sequel, so I'm worried people will think that the endings are abrupt.

Anyway, I'm planning on combining the games into a collector's edition, so there's still time for me to improve on them.

Thank you!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good idea but seems to need some more research. (maybe?)
The idea seems, a little disorganized, a little bit more like a rough draft rather than a polished work. Its not finished so I guess I can't really say much about that only that it seemed a bit random rather than planned out. Mind you I like randomness but I can think about the many different ways a certain situation could unfold and possibly allow these possibilities to be choosable is my only real suggestion. (Basically I wouldn't mind seeing multiple endings.)

Either way I'm interested in the game and looking forward for the next installment.

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redpandagames responds:

Thanks for your comment. Yes! The sequel will have multiple endings. The downloadable version is a little more polished. A lot of the issue is that when I export to flash, some of the polish is lost (for example transitions). However, the story is the same.

I suppose it feels random because I tried to keep the pace fast, since story games can be sort of boring. Since there is always something happening, people ended up thinking it was unrealistic, or the timing was off, but it was a sacrifice that I made to try to create broader appeal.

But thank you for your interest! I am definitely listening to everyone and trying to figure out what to do better for the sequel.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I loved it and the suspense trolled a lot.
I found myself not being scared but expecting the guy to pop up. More eerie than anything since you gave us the power to open the door, which was a nice touch so it's like you are actually opening the door.

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redpandagames responds:

Thanks for your support!


At the end you're actually supposed to be locking it.