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Jan 18, 2013 | 6:25 AM EST

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We are pleased to show you our latest drift game: Midnight Drift Race: Miami. Midnight Drift Race: Miami is a complex free car drifting game with 12 intense levels. Your goal is to drive fast, drift your car and make sure you'll be the first who touches the finish line. Do that and you'll prove that drifting is running throught your veins.



Rated 5 / 5 stars January 18, 2013

I actually really enjoyed this game. Most racing games these days are all pretty similar, but this had a fresh new feel to me.
My main criticisms though is that:
Firstly, the breaks are completely unnecessary.. The car drifts by itself as you turn corners, more like power-sliding than drifting.
Secondly, changing the lights between hi and low beam has no affect other than the visual area of light ahead of the car.
And thirdly, although I personally like the music used, it would be nice to add a selection of tracks as a short loop does get quite repetitive pretty quickly. (^_^)"

What would be nice to see in maybe an update or a sequel, would be the ability to customize the look of the car. I know the main point is to race/drift around the track, but the AI cars all have nice paint and vinyl/decals whereas my car is just a plain dark grey.
Maybe you could also add under-body neons which would be triggered on/off with the Ctrl key too?

And to unlock these visual modifications, you would be required to win each event with a bronze/silver/gold target time so that the lure of a reward makes the racing even more competitive.
Just my 2 cents.

Once again, a really nice game and I hope to see more!
5-Stars for great first impression and the wide potential for improvements.