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Dragon's Call II

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Jan 15, 2013 | 9:44 AM EST

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Author Comments

Sorry, Dragon's Call II operation contract on NG is about to end. For all the players who want to continue playing Dragon's Call II, please contact me via Skype - adamskydancer or Email - adam [at] gamedp [dot] com

Customer Service Online Support -
Skype -

MSN / Email -
support [at] gamedp [dot] com
adam [at] gamedp [dot] com

Please remember to mention "Newgrounds server" when you contact us. Thanks!
Please check the announcement here -



Rated 4 / 5 stars March 4, 2013

Played yesterday and now when I open the game it shows 1 server, Netherwind Manor, but when I click it, I get a popup that says I need to login first. And yet there's no login page shown. I'm clearly logged in to my NG account, so what's going on?

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Raymedia responds:

Sorry, there was a maint. time yesterday. Should be all fixed now. Please try enter again.


Rated 4 / 5 stars March 4, 2013

im not gonna give it more stars... ive played games like this before.. and the story almost seems the same.... hero's destiny... thats okay with me...
the game is good but it has too many load ups.... takes time...

the graphics are pretty good... that explains the load up time hehe.. but waiting loses votes...
another reason i dont like the game is because... ........ COME ON!!! NO VISA????? you accept everything that i can't pay through... VISA is accepted all over, even Master card, sorry paypal doesn't work for me... please put in either one of those two...

keep up the good work

Raymedia responds:

Thanks gizmoguide. I think there's a VISA option in our "UltimatePay" payment channel. You use your VISA card there.


Rated 5 / 5 stars February 25, 2013

so many loading here i gave 5 star coz im waiting XD


Rated 2 / 5 stars February 25, 2013

I give 2 stars because I like the art, other than that I must say I did not like this game


Rated 0 / 5 stars February 24, 2013

The game overall is ok as a time waster. However, it is still rather limited in play and imagination. I am really surprised they can use Lord of the Rings references without being sued. After all, they are charging real money for Dragon Coins, and I doubt they are sharing any profits with the rightful owners. The following are points against the game, that make it hard to take it seriously.

1) Action Points. Like many Facebook games of this genre, you can only do so many actions per day. I get that. But each fight takes 5 AP and you have 200 AP to start with. It takes 30 minutes to regenerate just 5 AP, leaving me with this question. If your system is set up to use 5 AP per fight, why are the AP in muliples of 5? You can only do 40 fights per day and must wait over 20 hours for a AP refill. Why not just use 40 AP and use 1 AP per fight? Is using large numbers a marketing ploy to make it appear you are getting more than you think? Quite frankly I think it's wasteful.

2) Some actions in the game, such as using the altar or ring transportation do have options to use better items. Such as better holy water, or better boat guides. What the game fails to let you know, is that you are wasting Dragon Coins. A simple pop up window asking if you are sure if you want to spend DC would have been nice.

3) Be sure to go to settings and choose to auto deny option, for duel invites. I found out that a person can spam you with invites, which prevents you from using ANY features of the game (or playing the game). I had to time the invite spam to just get into the settings to stop this. Just remember to get to the settings ASAP and save yourself the headache.

4) The top players like to bully newbies in chat, and then act innocent when they are called out on it. Also, be aware they are chums with the moderators there, and appear to have long established relationships. In others words, the fairness is lop sided in regards to any indifferences among players or supposed accusations made against you in the game.

5) No freedom of speech is allowed in the world chat. To clarify, let's say you are from Brasil and meet another person from your country. Saying hello in your native language is NOT allowed and the mods and players friends with the mods, threaten to ban you from the game. This comes as no surprise, since this game is made by china. I guess practicing communism is "ok" in their eyes, so I chose to quit the game because of this lack of freedom, the bullying allowed by immature players, and the hypocrisy that runs rampant there. Funny how they want to censor me, trying to honor a friend by greeting him in his native language, but they allow the top players with completely immature names like Toadsack.

Raymedia, if you wish to discuss this matter with me, my inbox is always open.

In summary, I will say I did have a wonderful time playing the game, even if the stories where a bit generic. I will also like to add, their army of artist who work on these games are pretty good, but the characters look like Poser models with a tweak here and there. That's not bad per se, but at least use more originality in regards to game content.

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