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: Violent Video Games :

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Jan 9, 2013 | 4:38 PM EST
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A rant about the recent attack on violent video games.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

LOL i know so true!!


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I've pretty much always ranted about parents blaming video games the same exact way. I love you Foamy. Your rage and mismatched voice to that rage have entertained me for yet another day.

My parents always bought me mature games long before I was old enough- I grew up on horror movies at the age of 3 and understood movies, books, games, etc ARE NOT REAL. They knew I understood that. Unfortunately, most people my age are still probably not mature enough to handle what their age indicates. Sad, really.

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I have been a gamer since I was five, and I never wanted to kill anyone after playing any videogame; even if it was M-Rated. This generation of SWAG and YOLO fags and people who do not understand the concepts of video games need to be either educated in the subject, or JUST FUCKING STOP blaming something they haven't even heard about just to get a fucking load off their backs.
well, that is my 10 cents on this animation of nothing but the truth. You sir, are an inspiration to us all, and I personally thank you for that. To the people who keep complaining that the animation is Copy+Pasted all the time: GET OVER IT. These types of things focus on important social topics, not the opinions of people who could possibly be like the people described in this rant.

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Shitty, unchiseled, unfinished rant: I was raised on horror movies and violent games (not because of my parents lol). Yeah, I liked killing people in games for some reason, even if they weren't doing anything to me. But I didn't laugh at people being killed in horror movies as long as it wasn't absurd. I went on random killing rampages in GTA, Mercenaries, and Destroy All Humans, and before that I was running over people in the first Midnight Club. Did I think that would be OK to do in the real world? Fuck NO! Real people live in the real world and have feelings, purposes, dreams, friends, and families. Game characters usually aren't given all of that, especially ambient bots, but it's all still fake anyway. Anyone born into an average life who ends up doing mass killings of innocent people is either extremely disturbed by their relationships with others (and needs help, although they're probably too afraid to get help), or they were just born fucked up, like Jefferey Dahmer (he wasn't a shooter but I believe he is related to this topic). People are too dishonest to admit they don't give a shit about preventing these things from happening. They seem sad and offended for a while but it's soon forgotten, and everything's normal until it happens AGAIN. Then things like heavy metal and video games are blamed, further putting fans of both in lower societal standing. If someone is truly messed up in the head, video games and metal will just give them more creativity in doing what they would anyway.

Review: Perfect expressions to convey the words said, even without a mouth, and a consistent style.

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First time i played a video game, my mother says to me: "This is a GAME, It's NOT REAL" and then she played Contra with me in our NES. That was epic.

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