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: Violent Video Games :

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Jan 9, 2013 | 4:38 PM EST
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A rant about the recent attack on violent video games.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

very good point and i agree to it. To geofrog you are also right but the parents can teach the kids the difference between fantisy and real life which they should be i grew up playing duke nuckem, doom, and diablo and i do not run around killing everything i see because my parents made sure to teach me that video games can not and should not be acted in real life now a parent that can not do that should not have kids i say.

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This is all fine and good but if you look at it from a different perpective isn't it hard for parents to keep out every trace of violent video games in a child's life. Most children have the internet and its incredibly easy for them to just look up call of duty. It is not the responsibility of the parent to be constantly hovering over their child every waking moment of their lives to make sure they aren't seeing anything violent. What about older siblings, or going over to a friend's house. How is a parent working two jobs supposed to prevent that. Getting rid of violent video games gets rid of the unnecessary stress put on already stressed parents.


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Agree. The logic: oh someone died becaus they had guns? MORE GUNS!, oh! many people were killed becaus we gave them more guns? MORE GUNS!!, oh... more people died... again? well... games are a creation of the devil and so is metal and everything not about flowers... or GUNS!, seriusly? (the devil doesent exist btw, neither does god) go fuck yourselves. Im happy to live in a country with logic, freedom and no guns, sweden, be more like sweden maybe?. Not a very special video but it's not about what you se, or how it sounds, it's about the message.


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Well put as usual. Parents aren't the sole responcibility, but they should take a far larger share.

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AMEN foamy amen thankfully we now have a generation of gamers who are now parents who fucking know better i have played shooters for 20+ years now first in the arcades & then on consoles & i have never EVER even considered shooting anyone in REAL life the covenant was enough for me thank you very much i too am sick and tired of all this scapegoatism whch prevents us from tackling the real issues such as mental health reform & other problems which could help keep this shit from happening again its the 21st century & i think its time someone had the BALLS to get on national TV & tell it like it is it may spark arguements maybe even some foghts but i think it may just shake my fellow americans loose from their misconceptions & finally take a look at gun culture in our society like they should have done years ago & do what finally needs to be done

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