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Jan 8, 2013 | 12:02 AM EST
  • Daily 5th Place January 9, 2013

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Matilda and her friend Mike are alone together in nature, when Mike finds a "Wish Stone" that transforms his life - at the cost of others.

Was inspired by my friend/love interest/I don't know what's going on- Kyle, who's blind and we were talking about alternate universes, and the idea of having the roles of him and I reversed was brought up. It somehow developed into this. And he thought it was awesome and gave me approval of using the caricature of him. It transformed from just a simple story though to a full fledged love-letter, which is odd considering his disability. I dunno, it helped motivate me push through this thing. This is the hardest I've worked on a flash for a long time, and it's also my longest and most complex flash.

It took I'd estimate anywhere from 60-80 hours. Blurs together. A lot of work. ffff

Song is Dreams of an Absolution by Lee Brotherton. Yeah, I know it's not Stelar but forgive me, it's the song that worked, especially considering what the lyrics reminded me of. Using sonic music because he loves sonic music.



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Im not going to say I dont like this. This animation is fulfilling at all senses, but... complete the BLU team, please. I mean, you have solid stories for sniper (being lost in the wilderness and hunting for food or somehing), soldier (his father dying in he Great War), heavy (the gulag he was trapped in (see tf2 comics)) and even pyro (dont show his face on that one). Im not your boss, so you dont necessary have to obey, but that would be nice.

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daigonite responds:

I have a full time job now and college, I don't have the time or resources to complete requests. I'm going into programming, not animation. My current project that isn't work is a game for visually impaired people. Sorry if that's not the news you want to hear. :(


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Really this is an interesting point of view! The side of perception without sight. You still sense it in the music and well you don't need to read to get it, it passes on... An image is said to be worth a 1000 words... Yet how can we describe it whit only this few? Beside why does people forget about music, culinary art and other... In the end although my examples are weak it proves there are other things that can have an impact. Its jus,t we favoured this way of spreading messages and communicating...

The images was perfect for the situation and the music. I realised that you favoured the
colors that were darker and some forms were left in the basics to keep the message simple .
I was thinking of a black and white movie when I saw this. Im sure that every one would agree that it wasn't the point to make it flash whit hundreds of colors and stuff. So yea it was a pretty good take on this subject.

Forms I know of what alters the vision ( That you can be born with) : Blind, Color blind, Synesthesia and probably more that I don't know about or forgot! Yet we adapt to it and become happy of it. We can't regret what we don't really know I guess. Besides, life always finds a way. For every thing missing something comes to try to replace it.

Also I thought of something while reading the comments. Those part: << Was inspired by my friend/love interest/I don't know what's going on- Kyle, who's blind>>/ <<It transformed from just a simple story though to a full fledged love-letter>>. To be honest I was worried up until the credit that the fact is... He can't read it. How could he know? At least is she gone tell him or will it be a friend who sees it and say it or something? But every thing turn out fine, I guess for all we know...

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daigonite responds:

oh he knows alright

heeeeee knowwwwws


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Silver The Hedgehog's theme fit this theme fit this perfectly!

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amazng as always... and i had no idea you werea chick... huh, makes you awesomer i quess lol. 5/5 5/5

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daigonite responds:

lol a lot of people think I'm a dude