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Dec 14, 2012 | 2:17 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place December 15, 2012

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A second rant on the bully topic, addressing the lack of intervention on the part of the teachers.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Well, seeing as how all of the reviews I've read so far have been about the topic of the flash and not the flash itself, I am going to talk about bullying too. Bullying in school is a good thing. You see, bullying does not stop once you grow up. Bullies are everywhere, constantly bullying. Even people who aren't "bullies" "bully" people. You probably "bullied" five people today alone. The key, as I think Foamy had touched on a bit in the flash, is to learn how to deal with and respond to bullying properly. To reiterate, it is not about trying to stop bullying, but to control it and put it in perspective.

The two extreme sides of this argument, as in most arguments, BOTH have valid points. "People have the right not to feel oppressed and trapped!" Very true, anti-bully people. "People should not be so weak as to succomb to the taunts of a bully!" Also, very true, not-anti-bully people (not sure what to call that side). I find that a good balance is usually the right choice.

As I stated above, bullying does not stop when you leave school. You WILL encounter someone who is being oppressive, aggresive, beligerent, callous, selfish, arogent, ridiculous, or any other myriad of things and who will be too blind or caught up to care how you feel. It is up to YOU and the ones who teach you to put these encounters into an appropriate perspective and teach you to react and respond to them with the right mind frame.

Now, I am not saying that all instances of bullying are OK. I am talking about the day to day encounters. For instance, you walk into a wall one day at school and some ass hole saw it and now he pushes you into a wall everyday and calls you stupid and blah blah blah (these are not good actions and I would prefer that these things never happened, but they do). Of course, this needs to stop. If I went through a year of that I might snap and start killing puppies in my garage too. However, the victim needs to LEARN something from the experience. Because it WILL happen again. Perhaps not so dramatically, but conflict resolution is important to your survival as a human being.

I do not feel like I expressed myself very well and there are many other points I wanted to make but it is getting very late and I can feel my brain failing me, so I am resigning.

Good job illwill.

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I've been reading these "reviews" on this animation and found that a lot of the people who are disagreeing are talking about how the animator is blaming the teachers and putting all responsibilities on those teachers and some saying how there are other things going on in school other than bullying. To those who say the animator is blaming the teachers, He is saying that IF you are on of those teachers you shouldn't be one. To those who are saying the animator is saying that bullying is all that goes on in school y'all are wrong. The animator is simply stating one of the negative aspects of the school experience. Now I am also a bully victim for four years (two in junior high the other two in high school) now I've told teachers that I was getting bullied with hopes that they would help resolve the issue but all they do is give the bully a slap on the hand (at least from my experience). Which brings me to my next point, I read a comment, and I'm quoting "We're raising an army of crybabies that are taught to believe every time somepony gives them a hard time in life, all they have to do is cry about it and make somepony else solve their problems" this is completely wrong. The MAIN reason we victims hope a teacher or higher authority will solve our problem is because if we stand up to a bully we are the one who gets in trouble because we stood up for ourselves. So let me ask this to y'all who believe that quote I mentioned, If we bully victims get in trouble for standing up for ourselves, what is that really teaching our children about standing up for themselves and solving their own problems?
Now I know this is supposed to be a review about the animation and I apologize for this comment but I felt that to many of the people saying the animator is being narrow minded are in fact guilty of being narrow minded. So to review this animation: The animation was decent, if I was a teacher of animation I'd give it a B at least. The voices were enjoyable to listen to and grabbed attention and the topic was a good one if not a hot topic as well and I commend you for taking a risk about making an animation about bullying.

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You have such a narrow-minded view on teachers and teaching. You act as if teachers are all horrible people who complain about their job and are apathetic to everything. This is not true. Teachers can be very caring people who are passionate about what they do. You make it sound as if school is a world of unfairness and hostility when it isn't-- other students do exist outside bullies and bullied kids, you know.

They aren't out to be unjust-- there's a such thing as doing your job. Think about it... what if a kid was bullying another kid. If you were a teacher and went out to break up the fight, what would the bully do-- go home and cry to his parents and get you in trouble with them and the school. It's not that easy.

That said, I know teachers don't help as much as they should. I've reported some schoolyard unjustness before and no one did jackshit. But it is a complex matter, not something so linear and set. It's very subjective.

But here's what you sound like-- "Teachers are awful! They hate their jobs, hate us, and don't do anything to help us! No one else does either; everyone's completely blind and unfeeling towards the subject" It's like you're an angsty sixteen-year-old. You sound ignorant; that's why such topics shouldn't be addressed in the form of a blunt "rant."

That said, I think it's cool someone's acknowledging the issue; I agree not enough is done about it. I just you could express your thoughts in a way that better reflects on your obvious intelligence.


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On timing: Slayer's Album, "God Hates Us All", was released on September 11, 2001.

Not all teachers are as described, thank God, but they can be worse: bullies themselves. Hints of it happening to a friend of mine. My impression of this teacher--who died of a heart attack in recent memory--was quite different from my friend's, who liberally badmouthed him as an encourager of the jocks. My attitude about the guy was far fuckin' different; quite pleasant, with a similar world view. Jock encourager? Really? Also, my oldest brother's sixth grade teacher pretty much tarnished any faith he had in humanity, to the point of disbelieving in God. Considering where we grew up and the family we were raised, that still comes as a shock. (He has let up on that view--I think--in recent times.)

Teachers are not teaching curriculum, they are teaching kids how to think, a discipline in mind and attitude. If bullying is not addressed as a negative, something is horribly wrong. If you want a perspective on how someone's worldview is shaped by the omnipresence of bullying and ostracizing, look up the graphic novel "Blankets" by Craig Thompson. In his view, faith means nothing if it only serves the powerful in some sadistic refuge in audacity and absurdity.

If Foamy's rants have taught us anything, it's that people worry and fret over the wrong things, or try to approach a real problem with the wrong equipment. It's not who starts a fight, it's who ends it. Let the bully end the fight and guess what? Of course you'll vanish into obscurity. It doesn't matter who decided to pick on who or what and why.

It doesn't matter how "behind" Mr. Mathers' technical side has been for years, it's the simple format that gets the accolades. Flash has been perceived as a second Animation Age Ghetto like what television gave us during the 50s to the 80s. Maybe it is. What got many of those cartoons out of their gutters was clever writing. "Rocky & Bullwinkle" comes to mind as appropriate. That featured a flying squirrel, didn't it? What a parallel. In any case, the Neurotically Yours' Foamy Rants have always been those moments where this author gets to rip the shit out of his contemporaries, often with hilarious results. This is no exception.

The gunshot in the end was also appropriate; the shooters in the recent Connecticut school fiasco were early-mid-20s (not students), so Foamy (this is dated about a month ago, first released on YouTube, where Jon never receives decent feedback) was referring to the ever-famous Columbine massacre. Those guys were bullied. And they snapped. Being on the receiving end of fuckheads in the day, I felt morally justified in sympathizing with the killers more than their targets. Maybe it was more than a coincidence, but the teacher said one of her cousins' kids was caught in the crossfire. I didn't say I was glad everyone got shot up, I was just sensitive toward the plight and atmosphere that allowed the massacre to take place. If you think I'm wrong to do so, then you've missed the point, because bullying operates on a genuine lack of sympathy for the target. And empathy. Parallel, much? It continues until someone's impression of scale is redefined. If they're lesser than, you don't feel sympathetic. Then, once the anxiety--the mother of evil--brews in the "nation of lesser-than...."

Foamy will be around a long, long, long time after we're gone, digitally imprinted and accessed well after his creator shit the bed. People will look back at the sort of lunatic fringe advice he gave back in the day and suddenly realize that it still happens to apply to the world of the future. While you may think that is sad, it's only because bullies will continue to exist in any epoch. It is only a question of how we teach ourselves (or each other) how to confront them and prevent our lives from becoming a series of miserable days, living life as anxious, morose, disenchanted wrecks. Even then, we will still probably laugh our ass off with Foamy. We'll have that at least. Thank you, Mr. Mathers.

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illwillpress undoubtedly got bullied as a kid and is now taking his rage out in his lazily "animated" style that has only gotten worse over the past 10 years.

You said it yourself, the teachers are there to TEACH, but you're incorrect in saying that they're supposed to teach kids "about all aspects of life." They teach SUBJECTS, and aren't meant to be replacement parents. It's disgusting to see teachers getting the blame for bullying instead of the bully and/or his parents.

We're raising an army of crybabies that are taught to believe every time someone gives them a hard time in life, all they have to do is cry about it and make someone else solve their problems. Parenting isn't about turning infants into perpetual children, it's about turning children into adults who have to live in the real world, and in the real world you have to solve your own problems.