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Dec 9, 2012 | 3:13 PM EST

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Yeah, it's an older rant, but damn it... people are still doing it! WHY!?



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Planking does have some benefits - It's a common exercise in martial arts dojos. The position strengthens your abs (upper and lower), it builds general strength, and it promotes good posture. Done in a safe location, it's a good exercise.

That said, however... Owling? People perched on things like owls? Really? This is not a thing I had heard of until now.


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Next stupid trends to take up - milking, flushing, YOLOing? There are so many of them right now! All just as... pointless. Words of wisdom, Foamy, as always. Looking forward to the next episode!


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Unfortunately, with the number of fatalities from people doing this absurd "sport" called "planking", it has now earned the title of "hard core" among the stupid. Now the uneducated, the wannabees and those easily swayed by peer pressure are doing it even more often in increasingly dangerous situations.

.....I wish they'd have done that a few decades ago...thinned out the breeding herd of morons we have now (the 70s didn't do its job right)

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Yea, its an old rant, but songs made in the 90's still talk about the recession and all that crap. That just means its a classic


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Yeah, there's a point...who WAS the first idiot to come up with this stupid planking phenominon?
People who're dumb enough to do it probably do deserve to fact, one dumb teenager in my neighborhood did when he planked on the railing of a bridge over the motorway (freeway to you americans) and lost his balance and fell into traffic that's going at 70 MPH...

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