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A Sonic Christmas Carol

rated 3.75 / 5 stars
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Dec 8, 2012 | 4:41 PM EST
  • Daily 5th Place December 10, 2012

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Author Comments

This video has been requested by SonicXRules123. The Song was chosen by him so if anyone is interested to get the song you can search up YouTube, i have the name put up below. And he also directed this. Animated by me for the purpose of sole entertainment. We both hope you will enjoy this as much as we did making it, and we wish everyone a Merry, Jolly, Unforgettable Christmas with tons of new experiences that await everyone, and a Happy New 2013 Year! (If we live up to it that is).....

Anyway, thanks for understanding and I really hope you will enjoy this.

- Song: Carol of the Bells - Trans-Siberian Orchestra



Rated 5 / 5 stars



Rated 5 / 5 stars

It was well done and the animation flowed well with the music thought at few places it was quite jumpy. Two places come to mind: The first was when Dr. Eggman started to destroy Christmas trees then suddenly our heroes started got knock back. Okay, that I can still justify that they got hit by the explosions but seeing the hit would have been nice.

The second is however a bit of more gripe to me and it was when Super and Master Emeralds came to play and when our heroes jumped to them without any problem even thought last time we saw them they were severely injured. You should have either removed the blood (to give impression that they were only knocked out for short period of time) or given them a bit more struggle to do that.

The final gripe for me is a bit more fanboy-ish since you took Super Emeralds to play (Tail can only change into his Super form with Super Emeralds! Also where are the birds which came around Tails when he is super?) why Sonic and Knuckles didn't turn into their Hyper forms instead of simply turning to Super? I know it is a pain to animate Sonic while in his Hyper form since you need to change rapidly his colour but if you are using Super Emeralds it means you should have accepted that challenge.

Still in overall I enjoyed this flash and music was good choice for this flash since it fits the theme of the flash. Let's be honest here, we gotta agree with him. Your flash here is very amazing, epic, and mind-blowing. You have definitely made quite the impression to all of us, and you've done the same with me, for I have never made such a flash like this. I cannot make quite interesting flashes, but I can surely try my best. I, for once, have seen the best out of you and other animators. I first and foremost believe I, and you animators, can make flash animations such as this. I believe that we all can love quite things like this, but if not, you're only a hater, and I think those haters should just see if they can make a flash animation their own self, and if not, just to those who are haters: Please, drink some tea or coffee and sit down, and at the same time give some respect to those animators who try their best to animate the best they can for people who can be impressed.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow, awesome! Why don't you make more?


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Does anyone even know Tails's real super form? He's got a cape and everything!

Exorz responds:



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

hey that was keep up the goog job. i want to make a video like that but dont know how

Exorz responds:

Just show interest and work, you`ll get the hang of it.