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Nov 25, 2012 | 11:50 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place November 27, 2012

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A few years after saving the world from Mewthree a new evil threatens to take over the world! It is up to you to stop this new evil with the help of your pokemon!

Featuring all the pokemon from every generation!

Visit my blog for more updates and info on the game

Capture the enemy Pokemon and add them to your team.
Level up your team and bring them into battle.
Classic Tower defense gameplay mixed with RPG exploring!
See Pokemon run free in the map, no more random battles!
Pokemon will learn moves and EVOLVE just like the real game!
Level all the way to 100!

Visit our blog for more news on our new games and PTD sequel!

NOTE: The game requires a log in because of all the trading features. It lets you go to the pokemon center and trade with others. Honestly I don't use the emails at all so you can even put something fake like or w.e, it also lets you log into any site you want to play the game. Hope that explains it.




Rated 5 / 5 stars

I may only be 13 but what I've played so far is outstanding.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love the amount of detail put into this game!

The only drawback I could find is there isn't any info on the weakness of each type in-game, except by trial and error.

I wish players could versus each other real-time, but I doubt that's possible, anyways just hoping :)

Finally beat the cheating @#%^! in 1v1 mode (that guy with 6 Level 13 pokemon) after many many tries. Experimented with various combinations until I finally beat him with this:
Items: Buy as much berries and potions as possible. Equip each pokemon with a berry. Eat potions at low hp. Antidotes may help against Ekans.
Pikachu x2 - Level 8 (For Thunder Wave. 1 to defeat Pidgey and another for Butterfree, both weak against Electricity. If you use only 1 Pikachu it will get Blinded by Pidgey's Sand Attack and will lose to Butterfree.)
Pidgey - Level 9 (For Gust to counter Bulbasaur and Ekans, both weak against Flying. The max level reachable at this point is 10. Gust is the strongest flying skill obtainable below level 10. After Ekans is defeated, use Pidgey to reduce Butterfree's Accuracy with Sand Attack and weaken it a little with Gust, since Butterfree is also weak against Flying.)
Diglett - Level 5 (teach Rock Tomb to it using the TM gotten from beating Brock. Rock Tomb slows and deals Rock damage, which is super effective against Butterfree. Keep using this and Sand Attack against Butterfree, while constantly eating potions to keep Diglett alive. Once slow and blind have reached 6 stacks, let Diglett die and switch to Pikachu to finish it off.)
Geodude - Level 5 (to counter Pikachu, since Geodude is immune to Electricity and reduces Normal damage from Quick Attack by 1/2. Mud Slap greatly reduces Electricity damage dealt in case Geodude fails to defeat it.)
Bulbasaur - Level 7 (For Leech Seed. Needs at least this to beat Brock. Good against Pikachu, as Electricity is halved, in case Geodude fails to defeat it.)
-As for Ratata I used a combination to weaken it with Rock Tombs, Growls, Tail Whips, before killing it.

I don't really get the difference of the Shadow Pidgey from a normal Pidgey tho... I've leveled it a little and the move list seems to be the same...

I discovered an abusable bug. If you recall your pokemon after the opponent attacks, but before the projectile hits, both yours and the opponent's attacks will disappear, but yours will reappear (weirdly enough, from the corner of the screen) after resummoning your pokemon. If your reflexes are fast enough, you can even completely avoid all of your opponent's attack and still dish out damage in between attacks. Only a few moves can't be avoided: Diglett's Arena Trap, Onix's Bind, most debuffing moves, Butterfree's Confusion, etc.

Usually, if the opponent is already affected by Leech Seed, Bulbasaur will not cast it anymore until it expires. However if you use the abuse above before the Leech Seed projectile hits the opponent, you can stack multiple Leech Seeds on your opponent at once. You can then recall Bulbasaur and wait for your opponent to die (which is overpowered as hell).

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

I could never really beat Zapdos. HE'S FREAKIN LEVEL 2O.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

i cannot defeat mewthree help me


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice this one is a definate improvement upon your last game, I love how you can freely walk around on the map and interact with pokemon like the real games. The battle system seems a huge improvement as well as you can see the moves you want to select and there's short cut keys as well plus cool down times so great job on that as well.

Overall a huge improvement upon the 1st game which I didn't think was possible so well done and hope to see more in the future