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Clash of the Dragons

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Nov 21, 2012 | 1:03 PM EST

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Author Comments

Collect cards and construct decks to compete against live or AI opponents. Featuring a robust quest and PvE system as well as multiple ways to engage in Player vs Player combat.

Noticed some of these questions coming up a lot:
* You can play a card by Double Clicking it.
* The Cog icon in the lower right allows you to toggle fullscreen mode, sound, music and the ability to play cards with a single click.
* Potions and Talismans cannot be drawn unless there are no Weapon, Magic or NPC cards to draw.
* Your Energy timer will be reduced at levels 50 and 100.
* Skill Points may be spent to increase your deck size and many other features to enhance your character. You will earn more SKill Points as you attain higher levels.
* Join Brawls to play with other players and acquire stronger cards!
* You can open packs by going to your Deck Editor and clicking "Open Packs" in the upper right of the Deck Editor.
* You can earn special rewards for logging in every day. Including Kasan Idols which may be used to create Draft Packs or even Dragon Coins!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

great game! i love how the battle system is set up, the quest mode was very fun and easy to follow! not to mention the PvP mode and the Daily gifts. All together the game is a very fun game. id recommend it to all my friends!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Looking at all these reviews, I'm really sickend by them. So I would like to clear a few things up to everyone (if people pay attention)

1. This is an mmorpg! Not a single player game. So it may be a little laggy at times and the maintenance crap is going to come up, but that's like every other multiplier game, so suck it up.

2. Although yeah there is a 'quest' (or campaign) mode, there are actually 15 maps to go through. Once you complete the first map, the second map will be accessible. There is actually a well written story to go along with the quest, so be patient about it. As you go through the quests and save your money, you will be able to get better cards.

3. If you want more special cards, you'll need to enter the drafts. You will have to gain 3 draft packs (best way to get them is my getting 1 kasan idols every 7 days in the daily prize) and save to buy 3 gold packs. If you do this, you will duel other players with these cards, and whether you win or not, you will gain all these cards, and you are guaranteed to get something special(I did),

4. If you are annoyed by the game-play, here's some advice. First of all, put the speed to +400%, it will help things move along heeps. Secondly, NEVER invest in an autopilot skill. Waste of skill points. Thridly, go to the options and select "single click" so that you can play cards in one click. If you want to see a definition of the cards, you'll have to unselect 'single click' to see the defintion.

5. Finally, the first map is more of an introduction then anything else. It's not supposed to challenge but it's not supposed to be easy either. All the enemies have are NPCs, and this shouldn't worry anyone as long as you set-up your deck right.

But honestly, the people that have "reviewed" this game, they haven't even bothered to try for a single minute and gave up on it the moment they started playing. Give it a go if your going to try, it's an awesome card game and honestly it's really worth it.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

At least put 1 star -.- \/


Rated 0 / 5 stars

not very good
highly confusing..


Rated 4 / 5 stars

My opinion thus far:

The goods:
-Everyone has an even chance. Whether you pay or not (unlike those many moaning minnies say)
-Quite enjoyable. I am more of a Duel Masters/Yu-gi oh! esque in preference, but this got me interested.
-There are multiple ways of how to play the game. If you choose sentinel/assasin, you get much stronger melee kind of attacks, if pyrelord/druid - magic.
-Autopilot feature.
-Decent gameplay.

The uncertains:
-I cannot voice my opinion over at crafting, since I haven't ever been able to make anything from it.
-I have no idea on the quality of PvP thus far.

The bads:
-Autopilot AI is a complete and utter retard. Why in the name of fuck does it use Misery (which boosts dark magic attack), but then uses ice bolt (light attack) instead of fireball (dark attack)? Or uses healing cards as a first move? AI is good enough to bash your generic enemies, by shoving cards down their throats, but that is about the best it could do. Now I would rather reset all skills and spend on decks, duplicates, potions, other features etc.
-Inability to completely reset your "ranks". No even by a pay way, which is somewhat frustrating.
-AI characters have wayyyyy too much NPCs. That is evident and frustrating on second chapter, because you keep getting spammed by plague demon NPC cards, which is beyond frustrating, meaning, that I should only set foot when quarter of my deck is capable of one hit K.O.s.

Overall I like this game and thus far I enjoy it. Just please, pretty please fix NPC quantity bug (at very least reduce the number of plague demon cards enemy AI holds), and Autopilot AI.

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