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Clash of the Dragons

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Nov 21, 2012 | 1:03 PM EST

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Author Comments

Collect cards and construct decks to compete against live or AI opponents. Featuring a robust quest and PvE system as well as multiple ways to engage in Player vs Player combat.

Noticed some of these questions coming up a lot:
* You can play a card by Double Clicking it.
* The Cog icon in the lower right allows you to toggle fullscreen mode, sound, music and the ability to play cards with a single click.
* Potions and Talismans cannot be drawn unless there are no Weapon, Magic or NPC cards to draw.
* Your Energy timer will be reduced at levels 50 and 100.
* Skill Points may be spent to increase your deck size and many other features to enhance your character. You will earn more SKill Points as you attain higher levels.
* Join Brawls to play with other players and acquire stronger cards!
* You can open packs by going to your Deck Editor and clicking "Open Packs" in the upper right of the Deck Editor.
* You can earn special rewards for logging in every day. Including Kasan Idols which may be used to create Draft Packs or even Dragon Coins!



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars



Rated 5 / 5 stars

i don't like it


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I don't think I have ever played a card game so fun but so easy to pick up. I level 150 right now and I can say w/o a doubt if your looking for a long term fun game with a great community and strategy this is it. The single player quest gives you items to craft cards and gear to buff yourself up for PvP and PvE combat alike. With PvE there are brawls(multi-player PvE fights) which you can obtain from beating a boss in single player. However, some very nice higher levels will host very strong bosses with great loot to help out anyone below them. For PvP you can draft you don't have to pay for if you wait is very fun and you get to keep any cards you pick! Also, you can do just for fun PvP ranked battles. The energy meter(which only applies to PvE) prevents anyone from just no-lifing and being the best so it is fair for those people that just log any every once and while. The only cons I can think of is perhaps the PvP is determined on ranking not levels. But, other than that small flaw it is a great choice if your looking for a great strategy game that is easy to pick up but has a lot of depth.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

I have played this game on and off for 123 days now and I have to say, I'm not stopping. I'm currently level 266, and that is without spending any real money at all. I usually win about 50% of my PvP games duels and have joined a clan. That's it about me.

The game is easy to play and quite addictive. In order to get the best cards you should play a lot of Saturday drafts, save the dragon coins for chests and wait until you're at least level 100 before attempting to play PvP. Also, save your energy potions for the Megabrawls, those are once a month and will give you a lot of legendary cards if you play them extensively. Also, you get full energy when levelling, so try to use all you have available in the fight that will bring you to the next level. XP are roughly 1.6 times the energy it costs if you win, and 1.2 times if you lose, so choose your fights carefully not to waste any energy.

Beautiful cards, huge crafting potential, equipment that gives you an edge, skill points that affect the content of the decks, clans, several difficulties for PvE, multi-player brawls, and special events at least every Saturday make this game a real gem. The only thing I've found that isn't great is that on NG you can't start clans, you can join, but not start. Also, why can't I choose my deck (from my constructed ones) when I join a brawl? Going to a whole different menu to swap decks usually fills the brawl before I'm finished.

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Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Ok, I am playing this game since around 4 months ago, so I can give a quite complete review

*Type: Card collecting multiplayer game

++The cards are nicely drawn, their descriptions are often funny
++More than one way to engage in PVP, with rules that change weekly for one of them, forcing you to think always about new decks
++The PVE monsters are often challenging at least for your first 300 or so levels (and of course if you don't plan to spend a lot of money on OP cards: more about this later)

--The energy bar, that is very annoying and permits only a few minutes of PVE/day if you don't refill it (with potions/tokens, both coming mostly from real $$).
--The gap between big spenders and free/low spenders is very large; there was an event, called MegaBrawl, which, basically, gave nice free cards in exchange of some days of grinding; but the cards become with time weaker; and anyway the event itself is now removed; so basically no way to close that gap;
--The normal daily/weekly incentives for free player are almost completely futile;
--The card system has a lot of overpowered -to don't call them plain broken- cards that make often a duel a one or two shots deal;
--The cost to obtain most of the best cards is very high (or you must hope in a very large dose of sheer luck and a very long lifespan)

All in all, I can suggest it if you want to play it only for the PVE -single or collaborative- and if you are fine with playing a few minutes/day; if stopping in the middle of a run is not your cup of tea, then look elsewhere.
And if you want to play it for the PVP, in a competitive way, I suggest again that you look elsewhere: there are other games in the net that requires WAY less real $$ to become competitive within them.

2.5 stars for the PVE system and the cards graphic/text (would be 4+ if not for the energy bar)

0.5 star for the PVP (just because they have created more way to PVP and some not totally crap cards are available for free, but should be really 0 for a free/low spender player point of view)

Average: 1.5 stars.

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