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Nov 14, 2012 | 3:59 PM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place November 15, 2012

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Journey into the forgotten land of Avericia armed only with the ability to summon the spirits of three ancient warriors - each with their own unique combat skills. Think fast and set up your defenses, because your foes are relentless!

Complete the story campaign to unlock Hard Mode and additional Challenge Rooms!

Find Soulcaster II and other great games at


Click to move (or arrow keys)
Q, W, and E - Summon allies
R - Recall summon
Spacebar - use a Scroll of Ruin
Enter - Select menu items, advance text
ESC - Cancel / Pause

Controls can be changed from the settings menu!

Chrome users: Use your Xbox 360 controller! (press a button on it for browser to detect properly)


Beta v10:
Added workarounds for some Firefox bugs
Performance improvements

Beta v9:
Fix the main menu so mouse clicks only select items if the mouse is over them
Add a warning about a particular unsupported browser

Beta v8:
Add a warning about full browser storage, because it's impossible to prevent it from crashing the game.

Beta v7:
Fix high score tracking for campaign and challenge rooms
Fix Enum __TypeId__ crash in unusual web browsers

Beta v6:
Framerate improvements for busy stages like stage 15

Beta v5:
Add a hack so that players don't need to clear their browser cache.

Beta v4:
Add an update notice for players on old/unsupported browsers so they aren't confused when the game doesn't work.

Beta v3:
Work around bug in Safari 6 so the game will work.
Fix layout of end-game stats screen.

Beta v2:
Fix bug that could cause black screen when completing story campaign
Fix text in textboxes running off right edge


Soulcaster was built in XNA and originally appeared on Xbox Live Indie Games. It has been ported to PC (along with its sequel), and this HTML5 version is its latest incarnation, made possible with Kevin Gadd's JSIL technology.

This is kind of an experiment, offering the full game on Newgrounds for free--we're not sure what impact this will have on retail sales or what kind of ad revenue we'll get, but I'm excited to bring this game to a wider audience.

Drop me a line to let me know what you think!

- Ian (MagicalTimeBean)


We recommend using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to play, but a modern version of any web browser should work.

If the game is stuttering or lagging please ensure you have at least Firefox 16 or are running Google Chrome.

Known browser issues:
Internet Explorer 10 has a bug that makes text scroll off the screen.
Sound and music may not work in Safari.
If you run into issues in either of the above browsers, please try a different one. We apologize for the inconvenience!

If keyboard input isn't working, try clicking on the game window.

The game does not currently support touchscreens, so if you're on a phone or tablet, we apologize.

If the game fails to load or crashes, please click 'Show Log' and copy the text out of the log so that we can fix the crash. We really appreciate it.

Have fun!



Rated 4 / 5 stars November 21, 2012

The game was awesome, but could use some improvements.

The Archer (forgot her name) definitly needs some, it's just awkward to have enemies 1 square diagonaly away and she can't shoot them because some other soul is right next to her. She also needs to deal more damage for someone who dies in 2 hits.
I only used the other 2 souls the entire game and found no reason to use her, because they would kill everything.

Let's see:
- the Tanky dude has insane HP and deals good damage.
- the Firebomb dude has good AOE ranged damage and can shoot over the tank AND walls, he also deals damage when he dies, meaning that you can use him as a landmine while running.
- the Archer girl has.. range, but she can't shoot over anything that isn't water or a gap (which are kinda rare, there are always much more walls or other souls in the way, specially at later levels), she dies in 2 hits and doesn't deal that much damage to compensate. In a game where you must be constantly running, finding the perfect spot toput the tank in one position that will allow the archer (in the back) to actually hit things is almost impossible.

Oh and I didn't like the ending, it just felt too easy and I thought that level 15 was MUCH harder than the last one (it's the only level I died like 4 or 5 times).

Except fot those "balancing issues" I really did have a good time, so thank you for the awesome game!

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MagicalTimeBean responds:

I think the balance in Soulcaster II is a little better, but it's impossible to get perfect for everyone--some people get stuck on levels that are a breeze for other players.

In the third game I hope to offer some new features to focus more on summoning placement and less on running and dropping guys like land mines. Hopefully next year I'll have something to show. Thanks for your feedback!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars November 21, 2012

This is mostly everything I can expect from a flash game. The artwork is simple, but gets it done superbly, and the enemies can be identified instantly. The storyline is equally simple and direct, and you don't have to listen to a long introduction before being thrown into the action. The mechanic itself is an original concept, well executed.

The thing that annoyed me the most, however, was the archer, who was almost totally useless. Maybe have her range upgraded so that she can shoot anywhere in the screen, and being able to upgrade her health or something would have helped. I thing most people didn't bother upgrading her since the potion master does a way better job.

The controls were a bit awkward at first, but you get used to them pretty quickly. I know I did. Still, if you make a second one, maybe try to change them a bit. Having the recharge button so close to the summons mixed me up at times. But still, if you stay cool, they're pretty manageable.

The game is tough, though, but not tough enough that it's unbeatable. I had to try a few levels many times before getting a twist at how to beat them.

I'm looking forward to the next one, with a more useful archer, more summons, better controls and maybe even a few more items, like equipment or what-not.

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MagicalTimeBean responds:

Shaedu is a polarizing character, love her or hate her basically. I personally prefer her to Bloodfire but I admit she is not intuitive to use at first, because there isn't good feedback about what's blocking her shots. This is something I want to address in Soulcaster III.


Rated 5 / 5 stars November 21, 2012

I just won the game for the first time after playing straight through all the levels at one time, only died five times. I cannot save games for some reason so I had to play through from level one to the end. I think this made me better at the game faster. There is a sound problem when lots of monsters are being killed at the same time that makes the death sounds lag long after they are dead. This was a little annoying. I am disappointed in the final battle as it was just not difficult enough. Other than that the game was great. Thanks for posting it.

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MagicalTimeBean responds:

You're pretty pro if you didn't have much trouble with the final stage! If only your browser supported saving, you would have unlocked Hard Mode, which would be more your speed.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars November 21, 2012

Opera Users:

DON'T press the fullscreen button !
All it does is that a black frame will cover everything except the game (game windows itself doesn't enlarge, atleast not for me) and it sais "press ESC to leave fullscreen mode" (like in youtube fullscreen mode) but when you press ESC, the menue pops up - you're still in fullscreen and I haven't found a way to leave it.
When cosing your browser and restarting, the browser will be fucked up, looks sort of as if it were back to normal, but some of the buttons are off place and actually it'S still stuck somewhere in the fullscreen mode. Had to close ALL TABS and restart, then it recovered.

To the game:
I found it interesting, but mouse control felt somewhat awkward for me for a game like that (graphics+genre) and the keybord controls are totally sloppy.

Hint: don't upgrade your Summons at first, save for the fourth soul orb (3,6k) and then start upgrading, will help a lot.

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MagicalTimeBean responds:

Thanks for the feedback on Opera--that's a browser we haven't tested heavily with, sounds like it's problematic.

The controls were designed for the Xbox 360 controller (which works with Chrome if you have one) and I agree they need some visual representation on screen to work well with the keyboard.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars November 21, 2012

It's hard, but not impossible to finish.

1. requires a lot of technique and some luck
2. try to toughen up your warrior
3. archer is the most useless one; only use her if you need her
4. continue to run; don't stop unless you are overwhelmed
5. Only use the scrolls when you're swarmed with enemies and can't move
6. remember where the enemies come from
7. Not all levels will be a one timer; retry them but remind yourself where the enemies come from
8. don't open doors or active traps if you don't need to
9. Sometimes picking up all the items on the level will backfire
10. don't always kill all the enemies; sometimes running is the answer
11. don't always stay near your allies; move back; your allies will fall, but you'll be ready to put some new ones down.
12. sometimes it's better to resummon your allies instead of waiting for them to die; death time is longer than summoning time.

Here are a few things that can be improved on the game:

1. more variation of the music; I love the style, so why not make more?
2. allow the spellcaster to use potions when needed
3. sometimes levers will activate without the caster going near it.

This was a very fun game to play.
At times it was frustrating and made me walk away from it. Usually I wasn't playing the levels correctly, especially the graveyard with an almost infinite amount of enemies! hahaha,
The graphics were amazing and the music reminded me of some old fashioned adventure games.
I'm hoping you will improve your skills and create an even greater game.

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MagicalTimeBean responds:

Great tips! Especially #12--this is the mark of a pro player, if you can master it. For your suggestions:
1. Check out and listen to the Soulcaster II soundtrack (for free!)
2. There isn't really an advantage to using potions deliberately, since they are auto-used when you reach 0 health.
3. This is intentional, some of the later levels have fake levers and invisible floor switches for ambush traps.