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Nov 14, 2012 | 3:59 PM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place November 15, 2012

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Journey into the forgotten land of Avericia armed only with the ability to summon the spirits of three ancient warriors - each with their own unique combat skills. Think fast and set up your defenses, because your foes are relentless!

Complete the story campaign to unlock Hard Mode and additional Challenge Rooms!

Find Soulcaster II and other great games at


Click to move (or arrow keys)
Q, W, and E - Summon allies
R - Recall summon
Spacebar - use a Scroll of Ruin
Enter - Select menu items, advance text
ESC - Cancel / Pause

Controls can be changed from the settings menu!

Chrome users: Use your Xbox 360 controller! (press a button on it for browser to detect properly)


Beta v10:
Added workarounds for some Firefox bugs
Performance improvements

Beta v9:
Fix the main menu so mouse clicks only select items if the mouse is over them
Add a warning about a particular unsupported browser

Beta v8:
Add a warning about full browser storage, because it's impossible to prevent it from crashing the game.

Beta v7:
Fix high score tracking for campaign and challenge rooms
Fix Enum __TypeId__ crash in unusual web browsers

Beta v6:
Framerate improvements for busy stages like stage 15

Beta v5:
Add a hack so that players don't need to clear their browser cache.

Beta v4:
Add an update notice for players on old/unsupported browsers so they aren't confused when the game doesn't work.

Beta v3:
Work around bug in Safari 6 so the game will work.
Fix layout of end-game stats screen.

Beta v2:
Fix bug that could cause black screen when completing story campaign
Fix text in textboxes running off right edge


Soulcaster was built in XNA and originally appeared on Xbox Live Indie Games. It has been ported to PC (along with its sequel), and this HTML5 version is its latest incarnation, made possible with Kevin Gadd's JSIL technology.

This is kind of an experiment, offering the full game on Newgrounds for free--we're not sure what impact this will have on retail sales or what kind of ad revenue we'll get, but I'm excited to bring this game to a wider audience.

Drop me a line to let me know what you think!

- Ian (MagicalTimeBean)


We recommend using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to play, but a modern version of any web browser should work.

If the game is stuttering or lagging please ensure you have at least Firefox 16 or are running Google Chrome.

Known browser issues:
Internet Explorer 10 has a bug that makes text scroll off the screen.
Sound and music may not work in Safari.
If you run into issues in either of the above browsers, please try a different one. We apologize for the inconvenience!

If keyboard input isn't working, try clicking on the game window.

The game does not currently support touchscreens, so if you're on a phone or tablet, we apologize.

If the game fails to load or crashes, please click 'Show Log' and copy the text out of the log so that we can fix the crash. We really appreciate it.

Have fun!



Rated 5 / 5 stars November 27, 2012

Hey man, thought you'd like to know I featured your awesome little game over on my youtube channel, i'm not a huge youtuber yet but really enjoyed your game and i do looks at smaller (and bigger) games like this, thanks for your entertainment!

(my youtube user name is indeimaus if you want to check it out!)

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MagicalTimeBean responds:

Great video review! I really appreciate your coverage of my game!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars November 26, 2012

Great concept of a game, but very limited on gold. Can't replay levels to earn more gold and as you progress further, you die way too easily. So far, it seems better to buy more orbs than upgrade your units.

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MagicalTimeBean responds:

I'm prototyping various solutions to this so I can address the issue of "rich get richer" without resorting to farming (time wasting). One option might be to have fixed gold rewards for beating stages regardless of kills, in addition to money gained from kills.


Rated 4 / 5 stars November 26, 2012

i died already on stage 1 where is the underground stairs -.-

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars November 25, 2012


I enjoyed this game immensely. I absolutely loved the concept and this is one of the very few games where I did not turn off the sound. The audio level choice for music and sfx was a real plus on that end. Also the challenges were an interesting diversion.

For the game itself, I wish that either there was more gold available or that the upgrades were cheaper as I would've liked to have been able to upgrade the souls far more. I understand possibly wanting to limit what you can upgrade so the player has to choose how they play, however the amount of gold seem far too limiting. If there were some sort of newgame+ option afterwards, this wouldn't be so much of an issue. The ability to chose who you recall would have been nice and the ending... well I was expecting a boss of some sort. The flash of mobs was rather anti-climatic.

That said, I had great deal of trouble with it crashing my browser (running Firefox like many others here). If it were not a beta, I would have ranked it far lower due to that. However, the gameplay made me return each time, which is saying a lot as it was crashing every second level from about level 8 on.

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MagicalTimeBean responds:

My goal with balancing the economy was to make it so that you could max out only one summon, or get all five orbs, but probably not two of these (unless you are amazing at farming the panic levels). New Game+ has been requested so many times that it really is a must-have for Soulcaster III, as is specific summon recall (for a small penalty because of how powerful this would be to just refresh your front line constantly). Bosses are something I will add if I can afford to--they are very time consuming to make art and code for, for something that only happens once. If I make enough money to hire an artist, this would be another must-have!
Sorry to hear you dealt with some crashes, hoping as time goes on browsers become more stable and predictable in their HTML5 support.
Thank you for your detailed review!


Rated 5 / 5 stars November 25, 2012

The awesome rpg feel, unique gameplay and spectacular soundtrack make this one addicting game!

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