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Pocket Creature PVP

rated 4.07 / 5 stars
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Nov 2, 2012 | 6:31 AM EDT

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First Blood 5 Points Receive your first victory in battle!
Jade Forest 5 Points Finish all levels in Jade Forest!
Keel Wastes 5 Points Finish all levels in Keel Wastes!
Lost Village 5 Points Finish all levels in Lost Village!
Purple Night 5 Points Finish all levels in Purple Night!
Unlock All Dragons 5 Points Unlock all Dragons!
Unlock All Puppets 5 Points Unlock all Puppets!
Unlock All Spirits 5 Points Unlock all Spirits!
Unlock All Undeads 5 Points Unlock all Undeads!
Emperors Tomb 10 Points Finish all levels in Emperors Tomb!
Moon Castle 10 Points Finish all levels in Moon Castle!
Visit Us 10 Points Click the NTFusion Logo to visit us!
Creature Father 25 Points Unlock all creatures of 5 races!
I'm Bill 25 Points Acquire over 500 million gold.
Max!mAx!maX! 25 Points Reach gem level 20!
Perfect Juliet 25 Points Acquire S grade Juliet.
Endless Killing 50 Points Win over 45levels in Endless!
Treasure Hunt 50 Points Open over 100 chests!

Author Comments

Queen Juliet is corrupted by mysterious evil power! You are the one to save this world!

Play the newest Pocket Creature Shakespeare on NTFusion now!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

It won't load but I heard that this was a really good game so i'll give it a 5.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Thought it was pretty awesome. The PvP needs some tweaking though - I mean I played for a half hour and was up against people who have probably played the last two hours. I like it though and you're definitely on to something with this.


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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Ok game, a bit repetitive. Sometimes whether I won or not was just plain luck, and online I noticed someone called '123456776' had only won 2 and lost 2, yet he/she somehow has 10014 points. A similair situation with Viconia, who won 8, lost 3 and has 10075. I think you need to make sure people don't cheat rather than just saying that they won't have fun if they do. Maybe a report system?

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ok, I´am back for another review of your game! =D Ready?

1. When you hover over the miniatures at the bottom when you´re at the "team" screen, you should be able to to actually see their stat so that you don´t have to put them out, look at the stats, decide if their are any good for the moment and if not doing the same procedure until you find which one would be good. And it would be awesome if you could see at the same little pop-up I talked about earlier, how much a full evolution would cost, or even better, to be able to upgrade directly from that same pop-up, so you don´t need to do the "bring up, bring down" procedure.

2. I do love how you don´t need to pay with real money in this game. A lot of similar styled games do that and it pi**** me off. So a big thumbs up for that. =D

3. The little white thing that was under the characters in you "team-bank", I didn´t get it before I got more characters then the game could fit on one screen. So it would be nice with a like "#1" sign under the white little box or something. Just out of simple convenience.

4. Instead of the "click on, drag to new place, click again, move new character over to the formers place, click again", you could make it a drag and drop. It would make more sense and people would get it much quicker. I at least was really confused to how to make this action quick. So I clicked on my team, clicked on the monster I wanted to move and the put him in the storage, took the second monster I wanted it to change place with. Put that monster on the formers place, withdrew my deposited monster and finally put him into place. So just to avoid confusion or just tell people in the tutorial.

5. Instead of having to click on every empty place when you´re choosing your gems, just let them fill out the empty spaces automatically. Because it doesn´t matter where you put them anyway.

6. The HUD that show how many and which type of monsters you have left is a bit to blend with the background. Make it more of a contrast so its easier to see.

7. Make the "speed up" button really a button, since it feels awkward with where you´re able to click on it. Or make it save you previous setting for every battle.

8. More speed would be appreciated. At least as an unlockable or standard.

9. Every 10th random fight should yield a chest. That´s only a suggestion, not a necessary thing to implement.

10. "A retrieve all gems from all monsters" button would be nice since it gets tedious to click on every single monster and the retrieve all, retrieve all etc.

11. An "X" button for the settings menu because I can´t help but to look for it every time.

12. When you´re at the shop, the whole space of the "monster card" should be highlighted as you move your cursor over and clickable as well. Just convenience.

13. You should define clearly what happens when you create a an ID. I don´t know what the game saves about me, or my NG account, if I can delete it etc. Just make it more clear.

Now don´t think this game is bad just because I wrote all that stuff up there. I just didn´t point out the good stuff because in other regards the game s awesome and I took that stuff for granted because it was so well implemented that I didn´t notice them. =D Good going with the game making and keep it up! You´re making progress! =D

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ntfusion responds:

Really really thanks for this LONG LONG feedback!!! Although we've spent a lot of time on tutorials and interfaces, it seems there are still lots of things can be improved. Thanks for pointing out these!


Rated 2 / 5 stars

It's not a bad idea but we REALLY need a "skip battle" button, or at least a 16* speed since there's absolutely no point in watching them.

Also, I think you've drastically misunderstood the point of the medals. They're meant to be a challenge for those playing the game, not for those obsessed with it. I'm just up to 500,000+ gold and I've noticed the mark is 5 mil. That's ridiculous... There's not even anything to spend it on!

...Though maybe it would make sense if that "level 45 on endless" medal weren't actually impossible. I understand you made changes to stop people getting an infinite game with Romeo-S, and I'm guessing you made them too far in the other direction. As it is now it should be chest every 10 levels and the medal at 30, because 45? Not happening. With my Juliet-S/3 Shadowkillers/Devourer (gemmed-up as recommended) I can occasionally make it to level 32-33 but still average below 20. Other suggested combinations do a lot worse.

The sound/music is a little annoying, the game levels are unbalanced, it's frustrating that the max gem level is relatively low and that the medal is the only reward for reaching the max (it'd be nice if, say, completing 2 branches game a bonus gem), and the battles... There MUST be a better way to set those out visually. The art style the game has is quite striking but is wasted when all the characters are piled on top of each other. Speaking of creatures, it'd be nice if they seemed at all weighted towards giving me ones I DON'T have from chests. Is there even a limit on how many times a certain one can be obtained? It'd be nice if we could trade spares in somehow or another, maybe a mini-game to up our odds of getting the ones we still need.

So yes, it's not terrible and I'll probably aim for the "all 5 races" medal before stopping, but it should have been a lot better.

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ntfusion responds:

Thanks a lot for your feedback! It's of great help that you let us know what you think about this game.. We'll try to improve it!