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Oct 31, 2012 | 11:31 AM EDT

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Sample Slice 5 Points Eliminate 5 infected
Small Slice 10 Points Eliminate 10 infected
Halfway There 25 Points Complete 5 levels
Medium Slice 25 Points Eliminate 25 infected
Food is Served 50 Points Complete all levels
Large Slice 50 Points Eliminate 50 infected
Super Slice 100 Points Eliminate 80 infected

Author Comments

May 8, 2014: A sort of sequel is here: "Pico: Will It Slice?"
Oct 31: Thank you for the front page! :)
Nov 1: fixed bug where you could "slice yourself"

Will the new experimental weapon slice through the zombie outbreak?

Stop the zombie outbreak! Madness Style!

FAQ Answers:
Yes, the game is short due to not having enough time + too many issues popping up. However, now that the engine is done, there WILL BE an expanded version for Madness Day 2013! :)

Since this is a scaled back "demo", having headshots would make the game way too easy. The full version will have headshots and MOAR weapons, MOAR upgrades, MOAR enemy types, MOAR action, MOAR MADNESS!!!

For now enjoy it as a Halloween game!
Happy Halloween!
Thank you!



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Overall, I'd have to give this a 6/10. There are a lot of cool ideas here but honestly, I think it was short-sighted of you to not include headshots. It really doesn't matter if the game would've been "too easy". It's a demo, it shouldn't be difficult. I'm not saying this was difficult but it certainly would've been more enjoyable if you could kill them with a headshot. I like the fact that you can keep shooting the corpses but I didn't like how they took precedence instead of the actual enemies. Often I found myself shooting corpses rather than the enemies because there was a pile of parts that took the shot for them. Also, if you're gonna have a slicing weapon, shouldn't it be able to slice through more than one enemy? The scattershot gun especially. I liked the music, it wasn't short enough to get too repetitive. This wasn't a bad demo and since the full version will have headshots, I doubt I have much to worry about. I'm actually looking forward to the full version. Cheers.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

damn... today i got a referral at school today, and this made my day


Rated 5 / 5 stars

fuck awsome


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Here is what I think....

Now I do realize that you are going to update this game. (Or make a sequel) Which is a really smart idea. But what was not too smart was your release date. September 22, 2013? You might want to make the next update about 6 months earlier than that. A lot can happen in a year you know. Not to mention based on the rating this game has it wont have too many players once it is off the front page. Besides all of that, here is what I really think about this game:

- Gameplay: Even though this is a "demo" it was still pretty stale. And he did not really have any kind of movement whatsoever. I mean sure he has the basic "Walk forward and back". But I feel like you could have put a bit more work into it and added in some movements like sprinting and crouching. Although I did like that mini character customization feature you put in though. I already know that you plan on adding more stuff into it. So I wont bother mentioning that. On a side note, you should add a target cross hair to help you aim your gun. It would be a nice addition in the game to make your game look a bit more "professional". (Could not think of another word to use)
Overall you get a solid 6/10 stars for Gameplay.

- Animation: Well honestly there is very little animation in this game. He does not even have a standing animation, or a decent jumping animation. For example, if you move your cursor off the screen. (When there are no Zombies around) And it will look like the game has frozen. I will give you credit where credit is due though. You did have some pretty good bullet impact animations. (Not to sure about the gray-bubble things when you hit a wall, the floor, or ceiling though.) Also the Zombies run animation is not very well done either. In fact, it is the exact same as the walking animation just sped up. You did a great job on their death animations though. One more side note, I do not really like the fact that their is no shooting animation.
Obviously a lot of work needs to be put into the animations. So overall you get 7/10 on Animation.

- Quality/Graphics: Honestly, the graphics in this game are not half-bad. They look like Madness Combat. Which is good enough for me. I also saw the quality settings bar at the top. I am very glad you put that in. Not that my PC can not handle HQ. It is just that it shows you care about the people that might not be able to.
With all of that said you get 8/10 on Quality/Graphics.

- Music: Your music was not too bad. And I can tell you actually did try to find something that sounded as related to Madness as you could. But I think you could have found, or even made better. Believe me the music is not bad AT ALL. But I do not get the same Madness feeling when I am playing this. I feel like I am playing another kind of game.
You get a decent 6/10 on Music.

- Plot-line: I do understand that this is a Madness Combat game. So the plot does not have to make much sense. But you can at least put some effort into it. Honestly that was one of the laziest plot-lines I have ever seen for a Madness Combat game. If not the laziest. (No offense) So I would highly advise for you to improve that in the next one. And unlike most Madness Combat plot-lines. Can I ask you to make yours "less abstract". If your plot-line is abstract or not it will not affect the rating of this game. Just more of a request you could say.
Anyways you get a 4/10 on the Plot-line.

I do hope you read this review for some good constructive criticism. This game does have a lot of potential. Just be sure to actually put some time into it instead of rushing it out there next time. (That is what it seemed like happened with this game.) But do not take TOO much time. Otherwise you could get easily distracted. (Another reason you might want to make your next part a bit sooner than a year.)

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is as good as the real maddness but when i cut off the head they need to be dead

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