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Oct 26, 2012 | 4:14 PM EDT

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Sanguine began as an acrobatic game where I wanted the player to be able to slide up walls, hang off ledges and platforms, and swing off chains. Then I added the vampire angle.

Blood is everything. With blood, you are faster and stronger... but without it, you are fragile and slow. I wanted the player to "feel the hunger" through the change of game physics. Blood also acts as health.

Humans are dangerous; avoiding detection and sneaking up behind them is best. Abducting and dragging enemies into the dark felt like a horror staple I wanted to enact in the game. To keep the gameplay from slowing down too much, the player can also silently execute vicitms, or just hack through them if they are skilled enough.

Left & Right Arrow Keys - Run
Down Key - Duck
Up Key - Abduct/Drain/Enter Door/Grab Ladder

Z- Attack/Execute Victim
X - Jump/Grab Ledge, Platform, Chain/Wall Hike

As always, PM me bugs and glitches with as much detail about them as you can. Happy gaming and Halloween!

Edit: So we're up to version 1.2 now. I'm guessing that lag is somehow responsible for players falling through the floor. I can't really do anything more for people if it basically comes down to flash itself and people's hardware. I did add an auto-kill if people fall through the world.

Edit2: Frontpage!!! This is an amazing suprise, thanks!

- Eleanor now accelerates faster without blood.
- It now takes 10 deaths to fall into the underworld, from 5.
- Updated the wall collision code, which may solve some floor issues.
- Added a suicide button in the menu, as a last resort to floor issues.



Rated 5 / 5 stars July 2, 2014

one of the best games of the vampire: a simple, dark, bloody, showing the true nature of life vampire; except that reveals the fragility of life, not just humans - just one mistake and end.


Rated 4 / 5 stars December 2, 2013

I played this game last spring and really loved it, despite the controls for jumping and wall climbing feeling unresponsive. The music is excellent, and the art and level design made the game fun to play from start to finish.

It sounds like you added a suicide key in the latest version for when players fall through walls. Could you mention what the key is in the game description?

Hyrus responds:

I've improved my wall/ground code in the upcoming sequel. I'll update the code for this game, find the time to test the hell out of it, and upload it. I still don't know how this glitch occurs and not one person seems willing to try and explain the circumstance of it, so I can only hope this will solve it.

The suicide code only applys when a player falls below a certain point under a level. There's no button *sigh* but I suppose that isn't a bad idea, either.


Rated 0 / 5 stars October 12, 2013

This game is HIGHLY Unplayable, i keep falling through floors.


Rated 5 / 5 stars August 21, 2013

Awesome game!Kinda short though,but still I had fun...


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars August 12, 2013

i was complete in aghast with the enemies' abilities.