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Swords and Potions

rated 3.23 / 5 stars
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Oct 24, 2012 | 3:55 PM EDT

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Try to become the most successfull merchant by running your own item shop in the world of Tomagar. Trade items with adventurers, craft powerful items and earn a profit from your sales. Challenge and surpass your peers using a variety of covert operations.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I'll have to admit i'm amazed at how entertaining this game can be. It's managed to kill me some time spread out over multiple days, whereas other flash games won't hold my attention for more than a minute or two, i like the idea, it's something new, and it's properly executed as well.
The one thing that does quite get to me however, is the waiting screen you get after a couple of days have passed in the game.
First time i saw that screen it was a three minute wait, entertaining as this game might be, i don't have the patience to wait around for that, the second time, a day later, the waiting time increased to seven minutes, again not having the patience, i quit playing.
Here i am writing my review after the third waiting screen, but although the waiting screen annoys me, the fact that i even saw it three times means that the game has a quality entertainment factor.

Overall I'd consider giving this flash five full stars, the only thing that pushed my consideration back to four and a half was the loading screen. So i'd say kudos to the maker!

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Quite fun. It's not a common concept in games these days. Having your own shop and running the entire game making profit? It's fairly unique. Unfortunately, (like with many browser games on the rise,) paying actual cash for an insignificant game aspect is just not worth the time. Games such as League of Legends and World of Warcraft have the quality and credentials to justify their in-game stores. Swords and Potions is fun like a smartphone app, at best.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

i forgot how too play idk what to do


Rated 4 / 5 stars

This Flash is crunk, fo shizzle!

nd ey lyk how ey ghot ran dom tokinz frm uther stuf


Rated 4 / 5 stars

First of all, I agree with those saying the waiting between days is kind of annoying. Yes, it's not that long but what purpose does it serve? Besides being one of the many opportunist moments to try to get people to buy the tokens. When I'm playing games it's because I don't have anything else to do and the constant waiting is bothersome.

As for a lot of the content having to be purchased with tokens...I'm not going to pay for something for a browser-based game. The reason I play browser games is because they're supposed to be free. If I wanted to pay for a game I'd go buy COD or Halo or Skyrim or whatever it is people are obsessing over these days.

I also don't like the guild aspect and involving other members (a bit) into my gameplay. I like playing games alone.

As for everything's a good game. Its the type of simulation/adventure game I enjoy. It has decent graphics for a pixel browser game, and the artwork for things that aren't pixeled is good. I like being able to change the speed of the game. And the slight customization of the character is always a plus in games to me. I like that I can keep coming back to play this, it is a bit repetitive of course but what games aren't?

So 4 stars is my rating. -.5 for the waiting and -.5 for the mild multiplayer aspects.

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