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Oct 19, 2012 | 6:03 PM EDT

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The legends have it, that among the Plains of the Endless Grass there is a place where rocks float above the ground. Therein lives the Wiseman, older than the time itself. They say he knows every story ever told. I want to meet this man and offer him a deal...
- Myosotis The Trader of Stories



Rated 5 / 5 stars

"The Wiseman" sits on the top of the highest floating rock too long XD The bird once on a while sit and abolishes egg. I wonder which generation? :D In Tolkien book was the race who do the same thing of meditation. Their sits and just act like a rock, and... just maditate. Simple as it be :] Their race is called Druedain, or just Dru.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing.....i liked the previous one too....
The cloud majhong was a bit frustrating at one point of time but....i loved the game :)
the story is so intense and inspirational.
oh yeah and the art...who can ignore the art?
i hope there is sequel to this!!! this CANNOT be the ending....firstly because of the last part...
who is the gaurdian?
Secondly...we still dont know myosotis' past!!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

An amazing game, truly is.This game is so full of a rich story that deserves to be extended, and more people to play it. The wise man talking like Yoda was amazing XD. The graphics were good and the music was spot on.The ending was a good cliffhanger that could've been made to a sequel or just end there.
The one thing that confused me was that the rocks move slowly down, but the measurements show that it is moving up.
Could it be that she started measuring from the top instead of the bottom?
Overall you guys make an excellent game, maybe you should make it into a visual novel :D.
Also the part where you had to stitch the cloud I thought that the lines on the square were supposed to connect to the other lines on the other square, after 10 minutes i looked up the walk through and found out it was supposed to make a word. All i had to do was move one box 90 degrees XD uber fail.

Yoda Speak
An amazing game, it is. So rich and powerful, this game is. And to play it more, people should. Amazing it was, the wise man talking like Yoda. Good, the graphics were. The music spot on, it was. A good cliffhanger it was, continuation that could have. Or end with mystery.
(Now this does not make sense) That the rocks move slowly down, the thing that confused me was, but the measurements show, moving up, is it. Of the bottom, could it be that she started measuring from the top instead, hmm? You guys make an excellent game overall, make it into a visual novel :D, maybe you should. Hmmmmmm.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I finally completed the cloud part. I have an idea for making it less of a headache. If I had known that those were words I was trying to sew, rather than a lot of squiggles (because handwriting is tough to read) I would have a much better go of it. And not everyone knows the concept to dividing clouds; I only did because I had played the same concept before. I hope the rest of the puzzles aren't too confusing. But I do love how elaborate the entire world feels as a result, so I'm happy to play the whole thing!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

I played this game after a recommendation in Hyptosis' page. A very nice and very well-made game. I found the story and the world quite original. I think it was even better than the first one. I will be awaiting a third sequel!