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Echo Bullet

rated 3.48 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight

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Oct 13, 2012 | 4:05 PM EDT

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Author Comments

(Please forgive for my English)

Wow... featured! I never thought Echo Bullet can be at that good! Thank everyone so much!

UPDATE: (October 21, 2012)
-Added save function! The game will save automatic after each battle.
-Automatic scaling with SHOW ALL mode. (if you like EXACT FIT mode more please let me know. I'm confused to choose between two modes).
- Now the control system was fixed for both qwerty and qwertz keyboards. If you have any problem with the game control please let me know!
- Fixed issue when shooting in the start / tut scene.

- Zoom the game screen can reduce the difficulty. When you can easy see your hitbox and enemy bullets it will be pretty much easier! If you play this game in fullscreen I'm sure it will be better!
- Direct contact with bosses doesn't hurt you!

9 bosses, 30 waves of bullet hell are waiting for you. Go and let your eyes dizzy!

Please leave your feedback to help me improve my game. Hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much!

"I managed to make the first boss, spell 2 like that. I tried to make a nice looking pattern but easy enough for first boss so... I make a pattern with many bullet but have safe spots, the task of player in this spell is to find those spots.

And for me the boss 1 first spell is easy, you just need to move close to the boss, when it shoot, it's make a big gap between it and bullets.

I wish that I could record a video clip of my playing to show the tactics to beat all bosses. There are some patterns seem hard but the tactics to pass them are easier than others. Example for the boss 6 first spell, you just need to relax then keep at the bottom of screen and move inside two lines of bullet. On this way you can pass the spell without losing any life!"



Rated 4 / 5 stars

The game is pretty good in the bullet shooter genre, but IT'S FREAKING HARD....i guess that doesn't count as something bad, but seriously, IT'S FREAKING HARD. I didn't like a picture of what i was playing in the preloader cause it made me think the game was going to be blurry, but it wasn' was crisp....AND FREAKING HARD. (burnt)

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Nonako responds:

(Please forgive for my English)

I'm confused. Some players said it so hard, some players said it's not hard enough! In my personal opinion, the game labeled with "bullet hell" or "danmaku" must be hard, even pretty hard and seem impossible, how hard is it-how it fun (of course it must be possible to beat even it seems impossible)! Compare with other "real bullet hell" games, I think my game is medium difficulty, even easy. But sure It's hard with players didn't play these kind of games much and like a piece of cake with hard core bullet hell fans. Maybe in my next game I will scale the difficulty range, so anyone can enjoy playing from easy before they put themselves to lunatic. Last thing and the most important thing I want to say is Thank You so much for playing. :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Bullet hell is not quite my cup of tea, but I got to give credit where credit is due.
This is a really good shooter game, the first one on Newgrounds to catch my interest since Starshooter and Bullett Heaven, which by the way you should totally play, least you already did.
I still can not defeat the fifth and sixth boss, but I will figure out something sooner or later.
I am having a lot of fun testing out different movement patterns to find the most efficient one, in order to get hit less and chipping away at the enemy's lifebar as quick as possible, so that the boss goes down faster, leaving less chances for me to make mistakes and lose lives.
In short, the "devise a tactic trough trial and error" aspect really intigues me.
I would like to share what I learned about the first bosses, and the game in general.
1) Knowing how and when to switch efficiently between "Normal" and "Focus" mode is mandatory to get an high score.
Seriously, I can not stress enough how much this skill is important.
2) Trying to "tank" the hits by standing right in front of the boss and trading lives for hitting the enemy with a quick short range barrage of bullets is a fine tactic in some shooters, but in this one is pretty much suicidal.
Your damage output is too low and the post-hit invincibility is too short to even think of doing something like that. (There is an ecception, covered in point 3)
3) Breaking a boss' spell card will remove all the enemy bullets on the screen, thus, if the boss' lifebar is almost completely empty and you find yourself locked into a difficult pattern and swarmed by lots of bullets, just try to get as much hits in as fast you can: if you panic you will lose lots of lives in a really short amount of time, and while you move trough the screen in a desperate attempt to dodge, the enemy will probably fire more and more bullets, making it even more difficult for you to land the decisive strike.
Flying right at him and blasting his face off with the focus shot will probably cost you a life, but hesitating and keeping a defensive stance could cost you much more, so take a little risk and finish him off while you can.


First Boss: His first spellcard is the most dangerous one, but it is not hard to dodge: the "scissor" shots leave plenty of space for dodging between each bullet, but I suggest to not rely on the "Focus" here, as the lower speed might make you easier to hit for the red random bullets, which will pretty much always miss while you go at normal speed.
The second spellcard is beautiful to look at, but it has a crippling weakness: if you just stand at the bottom of the screen, facing the boss, and then move a little to the left, you will find yourself in a safe spot, where the enemy's bulletts will never reach you, and you can just fire away at him until he's dead.

Second Boss: To dodge the first spellcard you just have to enter the circles made by the bullets.
It is not hard, you just have to be quick when passing from a red circle to a blue circle and vice versa: if you look closely, you will see that there is always a spot were you can pass without even risking to get hit. It would be better to keep the "Focus" up in this phase, for the slow and precise movements will make navigating through the circles very easy, on top of that, this boss moves a lot, and the "Focus" shot will help you make every time you can it him count.
While facing the second spellcard discard "Focus", as you will need some speed.
Basically you have to zigzag through the pulsing circles: they expand and shrink, but not all at the same time, so you should keep dodging diagonally while trying to stay as much time as possible on the lower part of the screen, in order to have more time to understand which circle moves slower than the others and is not going to expand in the next 1 or 2 seconds, thus being the safer to be around while moving upward, or when two slow circles are going to shrink simultaneously, creating a safe path in between.

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Nonako responds:

Wow! Thank you so much! I'm happy you enjoy it!
Please write more tips for other bosses! I really love to read it from you!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I actually really liked this game. After I got the hang of the controls,, it was very fun. Good graphics (well,, as good as you'd need),, smooth gameplay,, and a fun concept.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

I have to say thisis pretty good! The music in my opinion is a little bitter, but still a very good game none the less.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

You need to implement a save function!

I'm seeing inspiration from a lot of games, primarily Touhou: SA, here. It's obvious that you like Touhou a lot (spell break!), though I would have hoped for a wider variety of references. There are a few logistical issues with the game. Typically, in bullet hell shooters, the bullets actually have smaller hitboxes than their sprites -the ship isn't the only thing with a smaller hitbox. This, coupled with the relatively high speed of movement-even under focus shot- causes some of the attacks to be very difficult to dodge.

This game is pretty dizzying, overall, even though the bullet patterns often aren't as difficult as those in other bullet hell games. I think it might have something to do with the brightness of the projectiles. The ship's hitbox itself, though, is a bit dim, making the ship somewhat hard to trace.
To compound this problem, the bosses move quickly and constantly. In Touhou, the confusion caused by moving bosses was mitigated by an "ENEMY" icon appearing at the bottom of the screen beneath the boss's horizontal position. Perhaps you could implement this into the game.

-You never explain that direct contact with a boss doesn't hurt you

-Boss 5's "labyrinth" of bullets , presumably inspired off of one of Koishi's patterns, often produces situations that you can't really escape. The bullet's hitbox is just small enough to scrape between the bullets, but the focus movement speed is a bit too fast for that to be logistically possible. Perhaps the boss should remain stationary here?

-The final boss does not have enough HP! Coming out of the two bosses before him, he feels a bit underwhelming, and I beat him on the first try without a problem. Maybe you could give it a "true last boss" form for players with a certain score coming into the fight? At the very least, you should give it more HP

-I'm not exactly a big fan of the scoring system. There's something a bit embarrassing about floating around with twelve lives for singular duels with bosses. I understand that the large lifecount, coupled with the fast bullet speed, allows players to differentiate their scores from one another, but with that many lives, it often feels like I"m just stumbling through patterns. The speed with which you defeat the bosses is one way to measure a player's skill,yes, but with the way that the bosses move, this often becomes more a measure of luck than skill.

Usually AAA bullet hell titles (Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu, ESPGaluda 2, Touhou : Imperishable Night) have some idiosyncratic scoring system. At the very least, maybe you could make grazing a way to gain points?

All in all, I think that, while the game is fun, it lacks a certain bit of polish and balance that would make it a great flash bullet hell.

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Nonako responds:

(Please forgive for my English :<)

Thank you so much! Your feedbacks are pretty useful! With these things you said I can make my next games more better. A sad thing, I can fix movoment speed and HP of last boss when I released the game because scoring system, It seems not fair for who submited his score. About save function I'm working on it! :< Now I can make more better bullet hell games thanks for everyone feedbacks. :D

Another thing, I really love Touhou, love it so much.

Thank you again. :D