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Oct 11, 2012 | 3:41 PM EDT

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Day by day Ukrainian government works hard to improve life of the citizens. Now you have an opportunity to improve them back! Good luck! =)



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I guess maybe this could be good...I dunno. But it seems like only having left and right arrow keys makes it near impossible to play. Why no up and down if this is in the vein of whack-a-mole?

Having lived my whole life in the USA I really can't decipher the Cyrillic alphabet.

I'm no linguist but at least with Spanish, French, German, Dutch....I can sorta get what is going on. If you know a few words, plug the rest in. With Ukraine I dunno...maybe some European folks will get whats going on with this but I doubt any Americans or Canadians will.

I get the sense this is all political satire but I don't know these people so I'm not sure who to hit and who not to.

Or maybe you just made this to show how little Americans know of the Ukraine....? I know Chernobyl, I know Kiev, I know the Crimean Peninsula, I know the Black Sea..... I know y'all are one of the biggest bread-baskests in the world.....

Looks like the best i was able to do was 700 rubles....::shrugs::

It's not just the language/alphabet disconnect how can this be playable with only left and right arrows?


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Slava Ukraini!
Yanukovichu - huy v sraku!