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Legend of Pandora

rated 4.08 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Oct 4, 2012 | 7:42 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Save the world in this retro-fashioned Zelda-like adventure game with tons of enemies, weapons, quests, level up system, and a huge world to explore!
AWSD to Move
J to attack
K to use
You can change the controls anytime in the options menu



Rated 1 / 5 stars

It's a great game, new and original. BUT I'm giving you a 1 because all the sprites where just completly stolen.
And on top of that, no credit at all goes to Nintendo.
SHAME ON YOU, shame I say! ....

matakukos responds:

I draw all by myself, just taken inspiration from old zelda games...


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

-when creating a new game and not having ever played before, there's literally no reason for you to have the three save slots pop up and have us pick one. just unnecessary interface clutter.

-when having people enter their name and nothing else, you should have the focus be in the name entering box upon the loading of the page. doesn't make sense for us to have to click into it.

-when having the user enter their name, they should be able to hit enter to submit. you shouldn't force them to move their hand back and forth between the keyboard and mouse that many times. it gives a very unpolished first impression.

-i noticed at the very start that when swinging to the side, the graphic showed up as a pickaxe for part of the swing, despite the fact that i was wielding a sword.

-the default controls are possibly the worst you could have picked. people have to hold their arms at a very awkward angle. basically the left hand is ok but the right hand has to shift over far further to the left than is natural. this is typically the reason why flash games of this type use the arrow keys for movement and a/s or z/x for interaction/attacking. you could have kept the general flavor of your control scheme intact though by having movement be done with WASD and interaction be done with left/right or up/down or some combination of those. it would be odd but it would be far better than what you chose. i think a lot of time authors try to impose their notion of what the "right" controls should be based more on nostalgia for the old NES days than anything else. if you were objectively trying to create a fun gaming experience on the flash platform, you would have gone with a scheme like this: arrows for movement, 'a' for attack, and 's' for interaction. this is the scheme i quickly adopted, but i shouldn't have had to. you could have gone for something experimental but usable enough that people would give it a shot. instead you went with a brand of nostalgia-inspired elitism that simply annoyed me and i imagine, many other people.

-being unable to respec your skills and stats is reminiscent of outdated game mechanics. an age of game design where the player was given less flexibility and room for experimentation because the developer wasn't really thinking ahead.

-i liked the '1', '2', '3', etc. aspect of the interface. it was short and sweet for a flash game. but i didn't like that you couldn't interact with straight forward things (like the quest log) via your keyboard. i personally consider the whole "constantly shift your right hand between the keyboard the mouse simply because i'm under the impression as a game designer that you simply can't do without your right hand being used for both" to be one of the cardinal sins of flash game design. there's really no reason i shouldn't have been able to cycle through the quests with the arrow keys and select with the action key to read.

-similarly, forced mouse interaction for the inventory and items was cumbersome to the experience.

-lack of keyboard interaction for such simple things as saving and warping was also annoying to me.

i'm going to wrap this up for now. i think i've given you enough feedback to polish this thing to a shine. notice the rating i'm giving. i still think this is awesome. now i'm going to play it. if you need more feedback for the rest of the game past the first save point, you know where to reach me.

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matakukos responds:

Thank you, your feedback is really valuable for me! I want to make this game perfect =)
Fell free to send me any feedbacks so I can improve the next part of this game.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

good but not complete................. It's missing something


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

"An old legend says that there's some kind of book in the cemetery that can teach you to move very heavy objects."

This is just one of the many really bad attempts at story development/excuse to give quest/hinting.

At first I was pretty impressed by the smooth animations/gameplay and how fluid the combat seems.

I was really disappointed just 5 minutes into the game though. Graphics at the main menu hinted of some kind of viking age game, but it turns out that it has absolutely nothing to do with the era of the game.

I didn't want to describe the plot this way, but it is really stupid. At the rate this is going, the protagonist is taking on 26 quests to get his newspaper?? If it is meant as a joke game I would understand but this is nothing like it.

The NPCs are blabbing nonsense, their photos' texture do not match the game and quests like "Kill 10 slimes and I will give you a very powerful weapon." really made me ????

I also seemed to experience no invincibility window, that is, the monsters can combo me like a pinball machine.

I actually LOVE the fluid battling that is so rare on a flash game, but I really expect a lot more in other areas before this can become even a decent game.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Well done!! Really, the game has some flaws, but it was VERY fun to play! There are some things you could have improved/done better, I will try to list them.

1) SKILLS: skills are pretty basic, weapon damage, exp, money, critical or health. Some of them make your char directly stronger (health and w.dmg) and indirectly (exp and money). The bad part its the fact that they are too simple, theres nothing original on them, the difference between choosing a weapon is only the aspd (apart from bows, since they use dex), with 20 in the weapon skill and some strength, it really doesn't matter if you are using sword/mace/dagger. You could have made a talent system, so that the player could specialize in a weapon type, making ACTIVE skills with cooldown time/mana usage.

2) EQUIPMENT: I have to say, I was very disappointed with the equipments. Basically its a bunch of weapon and like 4-7 rings, there are no weapon with a unique effect, some of them have elements, but they don't make any difference at all. Since money is the only thing you need to get a good weapon (even the very first shop sells the best weapons), you won't use most of them, since you can just jump to the most expensive weapon and be godmode. You could have done different equips, especially with unique effects (for exemple, axes attacks have a 270 degree range, maces have a chance to resonate nearby enemies, swords have higher critical chance, daggers have a chance to strike twice, etc...).

3) ENEMIES: Well, if you played the game you already know there are no boss, and to me this doesn't make sense! Theres no challenge in the game without a boss, its just a bunch of common enemies trying to kill you. Without a stronger enemy the game just feel like the same thing over and over again, I mean WHY are there health potions?!? The only potion I used the entire game was the antidote, because the poison is the stronger enemy in the game. Without a boss theres no challenge, without a challenge the game doesn't feel rewarding at all.

4) POISON: Sorry but I had to make a chapter just for this. The poison is, without a single doubt, the stronger enemy in the entire game! Even being lvl 6x at the end of the game and having around 18k hp, I could die in less than a minute if I forgot to buy antidote. The only time I died playing was when I got poisoned in the middle of a cavern and I had no antidote, after that I bought 50 antidotes from the shop and never died in the game again. It just doesn't make sense, try to make it like a curse, not a terminal disease (for example, make so that It will reduce 50% of your -current- health, or increase the damage received by 100% while poisoned, etc).

In overall you should be proud of yourself, but next time try to make it more original, adding creative mechanics to the game. I'm sure your next game will be AWESOME!! =D

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