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Sep 23, 2012 | 10:02 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature September 25, 2012

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NG and YT total of over 45k views! THANK YOU! Keep em coming :P

'When they want you dead' is a madness story with a little different view on the 'bad guy' thing. If you find the intro boring, don't worry, just sit back and wait, there's a lot of good action later.

Kills: 178
Length: 22m15s (33,440 frames @ 26 fps, dynamic speed, interpolation)
No cliffhanger!
Lines of code: 4,400

It uses my own 3D animation engine. It utilizes not-so reliable but powerful features of the Flash Player. You'll need version 11.2.

====== IMPORTANT ======
There's a chance that you won't be able to start the animation at all. There's a YouTube link below the title for this reason. Also, make sure to choose appropriate quality (old/good/modern hardware). If you find the animation ridiculously slow, restart it on lower quality or rather watch it on YouTube.

Happy late Madness Day 2012!



Rated 3 / 5 stars September 29, 2012

Well, that was quite interesting. It was definitely different from other submissions I've seen, but there's quite a lot of work to do.

The plot was pretty standard for a Madness animation. Powerful bad guy, someone or some people go to try and take him out. They go through waves of enemies and a couple different enemies. It was lacking some creativity.

One of the main problems that I, and probably many others, had was how slow everything was. It was unnecessarily 22 minutes long. Many of the action scenes weren't particularly... Active. The characters moved so slowly, it was creating a bore. After all, Madness films are very heavily action-based, and no offense, but the action was BORING. It was TOO SLOW, and I'm sure many people agree. I was especially irked by the turning of heads and shuffling of feet. I remember thinking to myself, "Who the hell runs that slow when they're being chased by a monster?" Speed was an obvious issue.

I got frustrated with the some of the thought that went into this piece. The guards are just so stupid and slow. The main character with the jetpack, what purpose does he serve by landing and going into the building? Why didn't he just stay invisible the entire time? So many things are unexplained when explaining them wouldn't be too hard. Perhaps a "gauge" of how much energy he has left for invisibility. There were no set objectives. And why didn't they just land the flying box right into the middle of the compound? They could have decked it out with weapons and left whenever. Of course there's flaws with this too. It was just a suggestion. All in all, you were lacking CREATIVITY. The animation was pretty original, but still lacked anything that made me go, "Damn, never seen that before. I probably would've never thought of it either." The zombie boss that extended when eating bodies was an exception though, even if it started having a bunch of random bodies for no reason.

Another problem that I believe was present was how there was only one scene going at a time. For example, near the end when the wave of, for the most part, unarmed enemies came, what was the giant boss doing? Just standing there. One of the things that signifies a good Madness animation is just that: Madness. It wasn't chaotic, there wasn't just a whole lot going on at the same time.

Also, your animation engine has some things to work out. It would be best for the animation to stay constant throughout. Collision was also very glitchy with blood hanging in the air and characters going through each other. You tried to show that there was a 3D plane, but it just didn't work out too well. Near the ending fight scene, the moving from the foreground to background and vice versa were signified by slight shuffles of the feet. It didn't seem all too smooth; it was hard to tell where the characters were specifically standing.

The different view points were alright, but it could definitely use some work. There were parts where you could have added different view points but chose not to, and parts where the different view points offered almost nothing. The final fight scene that had the background rotating around the two fighting figures was sort of irritating. The characters weren't the focal point and couldn't be pin-pointed on the ground at all.

Some of the models weren't the most visually appealing. Specifically, the helicopters. They were way too bulky for my taste, and didn't seem very practical. Something more sleek with visible weapons would've been much better. The choppers didn't contribute very much to the story or the animation, it only created yet another enemy. On the other hand, some models were good. The zombies were great and the final boss looked pretty badass. However the soldiers were boring. Repetitive with almost no variation besides different weaponry, and there wasn't a whole lot of that either.

Overall 3/5 for originality. There's a lot of work to do, but if you manage to work out some glitches and other issues, along with some creativity, this could be great. Step outside the box. Hope this helped.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars September 28, 2012

its nice, but its a too slow. and the animation needs smoothening. its a good story and the killing is more or less impressive, but this really needs imporvement.


Rated 1 / 5 stars September 28, 2012

I watched it for 10 minutes and nothing interesting happened. Enough


Rated 5 / 5 stars September 28, 2012

Madness movies these days are overated... Simple madness movies, with the old and unoriginal "kill and walk" thing, without an actual history, get a 4.00+ score and they don't deserve half of it. Anyone can animate madness, but almost no one does it actually good. This is different, this is original, this is new in the madness world and it deserves more than a shitty 3.90 score.

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Rated 1.5 / 5 stars September 28, 2012

The new graphics are interesting, but this animation suffers from a lot of flaws.

First of all the combat.
It's very slow, very chunky. It takes the characters ages to move. A Madness movies should be fast and swift!

The engine itself is very gliched.
From the dead bodies hanging in the air, to the choppers' rotors which get disattached and flips and shit.

The variation of enemies, and weapons is very limited. It's always the same soldier with the same SMG/rifle/pistol/sword.
The music is very repitive, hearing WUBWUBWUB was very annoying.

And if that second dude had invisibility and jetpack why didn't he just sneak into the target's office and killed him without fighting every single soldier out there?
It took way too much time, and with the slow and chunky animation I got bored out of my mind.

I'm giving this animation 1.5/5 for trying to be original, there's too many glitches and flaws.