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Romney Hate Black People

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Comedy - Parody

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Sep 19, 2012 | 1:40 AM EDT

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Author Comments

I was motivated to make this short parody for two reasons.

1. The President released a commercial that specifically targets black voters. As a white person, I found this campaign strategy bizarre at first. I thought candidates should be intelligent towards all voters, not slang their message when they feel like it. link: tch?v=2zZNEvj8DV4

2. A local journalist made an open comment that the Democratic party is for minorities, and the Republican party is for white people. Nevermind that the RNC had Condoleezza Rice, Susana Martinez, and Marco Rubio give great speeches. A false statement out of ignorance.

So I said fuck it, you want Romney hatin' black people in a commercial, you got it. With loose language from the original, and all the white hate that some journalists make up in their minds.



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I'm an Obama supporter (because in a dual-party system, you have to vote for either the shit-sandwich or the less soggy shit-sandwich), but as an active member of the process I still appreciate these parodies you're doing.

P.S. Calm down, I'm not calling Obama a shit sandwich. My point is that a democracy is supposed to provide representation (a voice) for the entire citizenry through the body politic. Gerrymandering and redistricting over the last 60 years, along with a weird dual-party system, has engineered it so that 85% of voting districts are pre-decided before the election. So we get two choices, and 15% of us actually decide which of those two choices the entire country will get stuck with. Sure you get Reps and the Senate, but those guys are elected based off of how often they can pander to their individual constituencies (like slapping riders on a bill that's guaranteed to pass the floor, despite the fact that it has nothing to do with said bill) at the expense of all taxpayers. Both sides do it, and the 99% "demonstrators" never even-

Shit, I just realized I'm talking politics on NG. *dives behind a dumpster*

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False. Black men are not present for the birth of their children.

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so the black guy, waited for romney to finish raping hes wife ?

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I love these Romney ads you're doing, they're hilarious! Made me smile through both videos the whole time. You're a funny guy. :D


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We should just overthrow the government, the constitution or the bill of rights, I forget which, says that we have the right to overthrow and repair the government.