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Sep 3, 2012 | 1:45 PM EDT

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First Blood 10 Points Hit yourself with the javelin
Sharpshooting 25 Points Get hit on each of the five throws
What a flight 25 Points Get over 250 meters on a single attempt
Master thrower 50 Points Throw javelin to over 100 meters.
Pushing the limits 50 Points Get over 350 meters on a single attempt
Suicide Javeler! 100 Points Get an overall distance of over 1000 meters on 5 successive attempts!

Author Comments

Welcome to one of the less well-known summer games events: the Suicide Javelin. In this event you can increase your overall distance by getting hit by your own javelin!

Use 'J' for all the gameplay controls:
-1. Set the angle by pressing 'J' (and keep holding it to run).
-2. Throw the javelin by releasing 'J'
-3. Accelerate the rocket by pressing 'J'. Release 'J' to break.

- 'ESC' to get back to menu (eg. for restarting game).
- 'R' for quick restart during game.
- 'M' to toggle mute.
- 'H' to show hiscores in title or demo screen.

6.9.2012 UPDATE:

I think I found out what was causing the humongous lag for some people. This has hopefully now been fixed. Please tell me if you're still experiencing lag! Also if you find bugs, please describe what kind of a bug you encountered!

24.9. UPDATE

Added medals to the title screen.

25.10. UPDATE
Added possibility to control with mouse clicks. Also added 'R' as a quick restart key.



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

it works but i can only hit myself 10% of the time cuz the controls are god awful and the bullet bill rip off doesn't go fast enough. fix it.

JeffersonTD responds:

Controls god awful? How? There's not much to control there.

You can't reach the javelin when you throw at low angles, but the rocket speed was set to what it is on purpose. I feel that if you could ride the rocket at a higher speed being able to hit the javelin at that ultra speed would be too crucial for a successfull score, and then it would be too much of a "just put the pedal to the metal" kind of thing instead of striking the right balance between accelerating and breaking with the rocket.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Heavy lag, bad graphical quality, and very little content. After the 3rd toss I was bored with it. Make sure you're not using vectors for background images as that might contribute a little to your lag. Bitmaps may increase filesize but they aren't as CPU intensive as very large vector images. Using them for smaller, moving images is recommended though.

Also, if a game is bad because it's so small then it's still bad. Put a little more effort into it to make it bigger.

If effort's not the problem, then ask around for some tips from some pro devs. Find a game that's been rated high and is somewhat similar to some of the ones you do and send them a PM asking if there are any tips he'd like to share or maybe ask him where you might be going wrong in some of your problem areas.

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JeffersonTD responds:

I will try to find out why some people experience lag, and some don't - and of course to get rid of that lag. I'm not using vectors so that shouldn't be it. The most heavy thing is properly the camera that zooms, but that shouldn't be causing such extreme lag either.

I appreciate your textual feedback and tips, and it's definitely understandable if you don't want to try more than couple of throws with all that lag, but 0 out of 10 is exaggerating. The game isn't really that bad (even with the lag). Not everyone is even experiencing the lag.

About the game and "smallness" otherwise. Small most likely means less time spent (at least per session). But I still don't feel that every single game should have upgrades or other additional stuff to artificially make them "bigger". An upgrade system would make this an entirely different game and probably something that a hiscore system wouldn't really fit into (or at least the scoring should be based on something else than distance). Obstacles on the other hand are something that in my opinion would require being able to control the "tossee", which is something that's absent in many tossing games. I know they are a relatively enjoyed genre, but being in a lack of control isn't that much fun in my view.

The lag is apparently a clear issue and I'll try to fix that. Ethernexus' point about giving the instructions "on the fly" is also a valid one, and something that the game could be improved on, so I might look into that as well. m1k4:s point about controls is true too, but adding more controls would also make this a whole different game, so that's something that would fit in a sequel, if I were to make one. And upgrades would probably be a part of that too.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Game has such extreme lag that it makes play impossible. Refreshing does no good.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Damn it... The instructions are given "on the fly"....
I've already heard about learning fast, but this is ridiculous.
5 stars for the original idea.
-1 for weird game play (there is some bugs due to the lack of optimization)
-0.5 for placing instructions where I sould be playing rather than reading.

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JeffersonTD responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

I think that in almost any hiscore type game like this you any way won't get your best result on the first try. So in that way, perhaps the way of giving the instructions isn't that bad? You'll any way need to try a few times before grasping the idea or getting good results. A separate practice mode would be maybe too much for a simple game like this but of course I could've made it so that when trying the first time, it would pause the game between the control changes, so that the player would have enough time to read the instructions.

Ps. The game controls are also mentioned in the game description, but one useful button was missing from there: you can use 'ESC' to reach the title screen, if you feel you'd like to restart your attempt. That instruction's been added now.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad, it did take a lot of practice measuring the speed and the height of the javelin to time it right.

I got 1.2 million, I couldn't get past the pile of junk at like 350 meters.

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JeffersonTD responds:

Thanks and well done on the result of over 1200 meters! :)

It does indeed take some practice. And of course trying to repeat a good throw is part of the challenge. It might work as a competition against a friend. ;)