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Aug 18, 2012 | 9:54 PM EDT

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Front page this bitch.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Parodies are still supposed to be funny. Mocking something isn't inherently good and scribbles and shouts are inherently bad even when done satirically.
I don't like video game parodies either but at least oney, egoraptor, etc. actually put some work in to it and make something that's decent to look at it.
This is completely devoid of artistic merit and wit and mocking oafish comedy by making oafish comedy isn't challenging or impressive. You can mock things with no subtlety using subtlety and that might actually have been amusing but this was just as bland and over the top and bad (probably worse actually) then what it was trying to mock.

BasedBubbus responds:

omg shud up carrot


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

this. frontpage now
you're not listening to me


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I hate this cartoon because I have no sense of humor and I don't understand that the author is mocking artists like Oney and Egoraptor for only doing quick movements and shouting to seem funny to children and other terrible people with terrible taste.

I also did not understand that cartoons like that only get front paged because they pander to the lowest common denominator.

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Rated 1 / 5 stars

Just... not getting it.

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