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Aug 7, 2012 | 9:46 AM EDT

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Invading the Building 10 Points You can jump to any location!
Lacking Vision 10 Points You got the best guns.
We're Going Through the Front 10 Points Bullets are bee stings to the rhino's hide.
Lowrider 50 Points You got a new set of... hover... pads.... rockets... >_>

Author Comments

WASD or Arrows for movement.
Z or Keypad 1 for your gun. (Check numlock)
Thanks Newgrounds!

The reason the mods do not cost money to unlock, is that they have different weaknesses and strengths. Some of the mods can't hit short enemies and some have a bigger bullet but are slower to fire, etc. They're mods for your basic gun. Not new guns.

There is no penalty for death in this game. You don't lose money, you just have to retry the map, possibly change your weapon mod. Different mods work better for different levels.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

The gfx are cute, the story is good enough, but unfortunately the gameplay has some major flaws.

* Jumping upgrades will HURT you. They'll make it more difficult - or even impossible - to make some jumps, forcing you to take damage or to forfeit certain coin rooms. They'll also make it more difficult to hit flying enemies, like those in the last two levels.
Unfortunately, jump height isn't really controllable, and you cannot downgrade again. So I paid lots of coins to play hard mode?

* Coin grinding. Why oh why shall we repeat levels over and over again just to afford the upgrades required to beat the game? How do you benefit from wasting our time in such a way? It doesn't make the game more fun, it turns a nice little distraction into something way too long to enjoy.
Repeating once or twice is fine, but having to do it a couple dozen times just shouldn't be required.

* the pits of death and uneven difficulty curve have been mentioned by others. Unavoidable damage is always a bad thing.

* the different weapon types could have been unlockable by gold, and switchable in-level. Otherwise, you'd have to visit the level, die a horrible death because the piercing shot couldn't hit a single enemy, then go to the shop to switch. Not fun.

* I'm not sure the system map was needed. A single level-selection screen including the shop would have sufficed. Most star systems were almost empty anyway, containing only two planets. I also hated the delays in the menus, making them feel unresponsive and laggy.

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Hyptosis responds:

I beat the game without a single upgrade, I was worried the game would be too easy. :/ Thanks for the detailed feedback.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Biggest problem is it's extremely laggy. The level design is also poor, like dropping down a hole and landing in a bunch of enemies and quickly losing a lot of health or dying. Access to the upgrades should be available in the first system or obvious from the main selection or something rather than just there in the second. Difficulty curve is also awkward, one level is pretty easy, then the next one I'm running into enemies that will two-shot me and have tons of health and I'm facing 3 of them at a time; I could deal with that with some upgrades, but very sudden and unnecessary. There's really nothing new to this game, so having these flaws really hurts it. If you fix the lag and retune, it could be decent.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

a good game but i can give you onlu 3.5 stars its not bad but can get some bit improvements, its a great game i enjoyed but here my reasons.

1) there something i didnt saw from Nes era games and thats the "blindly fall on this gap and see if you have luck" i mean sometimes i wasnt sure if were im going to land its a safe spot or i will land on an enemy and that its really something frustrating because i can go there all ready for action but if dont know where going to land then i cant do a lot to save myself think about it at least you can make the player safe land and then ITS A TRAP! but the player will be ready and if he isnt very good player then he will die. but please not "blind falls".

2) when i read upgrades i was hoping about if i die the shop will bring up ok not every game have that, but at least you can have the shop from the main menu i wasnt sure if there was a shop upgrade until i go to the second solar system. then i foound some upgrades that make easier my way on some planets. specially the pierce shot.

3) i noticed that you can get a lot of damage because the invisibility frame its too short, i can understand the upgrade about take many hits but would be different if: i dont have upgrades i take like 3 hearts away from powerful enemies but at least i have invisibility frames (they cant be too long but sometime fair i mean) so, when the "take more hits" upgrade its bought my life still go away easily because the "Invisibility frame its too short.

Besides those reason this game really its prety nice i hope to see more games from you. keep the good work!

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I thought this game was decent. Really, my only gripe with it is that it was just too hard. I wish there could have been a lot more health for you to have. I still have to give you credit for having a pretty creative overall design. I especially liked how the enemies looked. I just think you had too many enemies and it was too easy for them to kill you.

It really makes you realize how outnumbered you are in games like this. Heck, in most games you're outnumbered or at least outmatched. I do appreciate the simple controls. The sounds were also pretty decent. It may not be that original of an idea, but the gameplay isn't bad.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

I'm not really a fan of run'n'gun types of games, but this one could have been much better. Though most should be self-explanatory, a better introduction would have helped. Heck, simply telling the player where to upgrade skills would be okay as I was wondering. (Why mention a need to upgrade things and then not mention where I can upgrade?)

The gameplay wasn't polished. There were lags, but that could just be my computer. The movement seemed clunky and for this type of game, it shouldn't be. Plus, coins often fell onto spikes or magically were glitched into a wall where I could not go to.

As mentioned before, the upgrades were lacking. Frankly, if they had been good, I would have kept playing to improve my character and make the game just that little bit less frustrating. But, not only was it annoying to have to go back and forth collecting loads of coins, but my upgrades didn't even seem to do anything. I got the first shield upgrade and didn't see a difference. Then I got the next one and still nothing. I was shot for the same amount of health and had no extra health. I believe the damage upgrade did work, however, so it could just be that particular one, which is an important at that.

There were also some strange enemy placement, wherein it was hard not to get hit.

I couldn't do any better myself, but I expected more. It seems thrown together and can certainly be improved. And heck, man, just looking at your other projects you've had some great games, so I know you can do better. Good luck with future projects. Sorry if I sounded rude. This game is a tad hard to enjoy, for me at least.

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