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Aug 5, 2012 | 4:20 AM EDT

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second maze game.... lol... (NO CHEAT PLEASE.... :D)



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

absolutely nothing new or interesting with an idea that has been used so much it has been driven into the dirt. If you are dead set on making a game like this a couple of things are needed if you want to keep it interesting.

1.better graphics....basic colors that define the boundarys are really lame in comparison with what most flash games are capable of graphic wise.
2.some spinning wheels of death or cannons that aim at the mouse would be interesting.(more hazards that are more fun.)
3.just because I hit the red means I die? perhaps making it to where you "bump" into the wall (with an in-game mouse) would be a bit less annoying. or perhaps make it a "lava" so it makes more since.
4. Restarting at the very first level? I would like to restart where I left off
5.Honestly just "more" there should be more content in a flash game. (music..sound effects..ect)
that being said I would personally pitch this project. I assume your new to game development if this is what you came up with? Try not to submit games if there is a very small chance it will survive. And most importantly PRACTICE!


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Not my cup of tea

This must have been the hundredth maze game out there and it wasn't good at all. The fact that it can easily be beaten by just right clicking shows lack of effort on your part. And I guess you are a beginner at flash.

Simple lines colored in not much of an amazement here. Nothing to stand out except the rainbow one which looked sloppy.

Audio is something this game could use to improve. A simple song from the audio portal would do, just to make it a bit more entertaining.

nope none here then again most maze games don't include plots to go along with them.


As I stated before the fact that the game can be easily finished with just a right click makes it not at all entertaining. This could be easily fixed with programming so that right clicks would immediately cost the player the game.

Addition of medals and a timer would at least give us a reason to cheat since there really isn't anything to get after we do.


I understand, you're a beginner and beginners don't just make great games out of nowhere. If you want to be a programmer I recommend you go study it; there are many books written about it. Learn from your mistakes and use it to improve and make better games.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

i cheated


Rated 0 / 5 stars

If I could be completely honest here for a second, I thought the maze game genre was a dead genre and for the longest time I was correct. There haven't been any recent games like this, and for good reason. That reason is because they're primarily shit games. This game and games like it practically scream, "I did this in five minutes" at the top of their lungs. The very fact that this game wasn't blammed from it's inception is downright insulting and really goes to show that the NG viewer base hasn't changed much since back in 2006 if games like this getting admitted on the site are any indication. My advice to you is to make something original because this game is terrible.



Rated 0 / 5 stars

First off, I played your first one. These maze games were okay back in like 2006ish when the first real deal flash games came out. But now they're really obsolete. Secondly, cheating in these games is probably well known worldwide. Just hold in the left mouse button. No brainer. Thirdly, there is no prize for winning. Give us something to work for, even if we put the effort into cheating, give us something other than a poor gramatical message. Good luck for the future.