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Aug 2, 2012 | 10:42 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature August 3, 2012
  • Weekly 2nd Place August 8, 2012

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2 COOL 4 SCHOOL 5 Points Complete the tutorial
BRAGGER 5 Points Get an overall a rating
FIRST BLOOD 5 Points Kill your first enemy
CHARITY CASE 10 Points Donate money to the snow man
COLD KILLER 10 Points Kill one hundred enemies
FAMILY MAN 10 Points Help the penguins start a family
LAW MAN 10 Points Redeem yourself to the sheriff
OUTLAW 10 Points Help Stabby break out of jail
TEARS OF JOY 10 Points Return the farmer's pig
BLOOD THIRSTY 25 Points Kill one thousand enemies
FISH AND CHIPS 25 Points Defeat the fish boss
RAINBOW RIDER 25 Points Defeat the jelly fish boss
RICH 25 Points Find one thousand coins
SPIDER MAN 25 Points Defeat the spider boss
WRINKLY GRAPES 25 Points return the old mans speedos
CHAMPION 50 Points Beat the final boss
SUPER ADVENTURER 50 Points Complete all levels
UNTOUCHABLE 50 Points Beat a level set without dieing
MILLIONAIRE 100 Points Find one million coins
LOVER MAN Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

Super Adventure Pals is a loveable action RPG platformer in which you travel the land and battle monsters-a-plenty in an epic quest to track down the evil Mr B who has stolen your pet rock. But fear not, for you are not alone; you have the help of your good friend the Giraffe!

Level up along the way for new weapons and hat colours. Fight a wide range of enemies and defeat Mr B in a number of epic boss fights.

Interact with NPCs in towns and visit the shop to stock up on equipment and buy new abilities.

Important Note: To earn diamonds to use on shop items you need to replay levels.

P or Escape - Pause Menu
Q - Quality
M - Mute
Potions work automatically

You will get the choice at the beginning of a new game for either:
Arrow keys for Movement
WASD for abilities
WASD for Movement
Arrow keys for Abilities



Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's one of the greatest platformers of all time! But one problem is that it has so much lag on my computer... And there are so many glitches. But I think I get it. The directors of this game are working/have worked hard on this. The whole XP thing is awesome! You could increase your stats AND give a better look for the character. All-in-all, it's one great game that everyone has to try.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

obviously inspired by castle crashers which is great!
A great platformer and all together a good game


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well-done platformer.

The positives aspects about this game are as followed: The graphics are crisp, though a bit crudely-drawn. The music and overall atmosphere is relaxing and defines the sugary and elementary feel of this game. What I liked the most was the composition of one of my favorite game styles (platformer, RPG, open world) all into one universe.

However, due to some of the various flaws of this game, I sadly lost my motivation to actually finish it after arriving at level 1-3. One thing for sure is that this game is too easy, yet too time-consuming. It is easy because there is almost no enemy where you cannot just hack and slash at and defeat them in a relatively short amount of time. There is no risk of actually dying for sure considering that enemies frequently drop health potions which in turn eliminates the need of actually upgrading your HP to a higher amount. The only things you actually have to worry about is falling on top of the spike pits and poofing into thin air - and even then, this death is merely a slap on the wrist since the player character blinks back to a nearby checkpoint anyway. However, regarding the time it takes to finish these levels, I would say it is not worth much of the experience of playing the game if there is relatively no trouble beating it. I found it quite a chore to slice through my enemies, dodge spikes, and race to the exit without having actually having fun.

Jumping was always a difficult task as many times, standing perfectly still on the ledge of a spike pit could still render you an impaled victim. Often jumps just would not work when running to another platform, hoping my character could just hop on top of it. The physics of wall jumping did just not make sense to me: if I was sliding down the right wall and I press the right arrow key, then why does my character automatically jump to the left? Why do the left and right arrow keys do precisely the same thing when sliding down a wall?

On a minor note, the music was a bit repetitive at times.

This seems like an extremely well-programmed and designed game, but the overall aesthetics and gameplay just did not entice me to play further.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

This Game is a little bit hard.. But Its Funny and you know.. Glitches!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Well, this game is certainly enjoyable. The simplicity of it makes it easy to pick up, and the cuteness makes it rather endearing. However, despite being an enjoyable experience, the game seems somewhat... flawed.

For starters, the XP system seems to scale very poorly. I racked up about 10 levels in the grasslands (enough to max my attack), but only ended up getting two more levels throughout the rest of the game! It seems like the enemies after the first world don't get any significant increase in XP granted upon kills, so level ups become rather scarce later on.

And then there's the fact that there's no reason to upgrade your HP at all! Potions are so ridiculously common and powerful that it's completely pointless to upgrade your HP. Without ever having to buy a single potion, it felt as though I had a limitless supply to the point where I could just dick around when fighting enemies and still never die. In fact, potions are so powerful that the only deaths occur by instant kill objects such as spikes! It basically made it so deaths from enemies (including bosses!) don't happen, period. 100% of deaths are from spikes and the like, which confuses me a bit.

The ranking system, while amusing for those of us who are OCD, serves no real purpose other than self satisfaction. There is no reward, no bonus, no anything for getting an A-rank on a level. Heck, even a standard "Achieve all A-rank" medal is notably absent! It makes the entire ranking system seem rather pointless when there's not a single incentive to do so.

Of course, on the subject of medals, I have to question what the point of the Millionaire Medal was. It's just... such a ridiculously high, arbitrary amount of money to have to collect. Heck, that one achievement takes longer to get than the rest of the gameplay combined! It just seems like a pointlessly high grind. A thousand, five thousand, or even ten thousand might've been a bit more sane, but a million? That's just... illogically high, and basically artificial longevity for the OCD. Especially since money is relatively worthless, given how common bomb and potions are within the levels.

The Diamonds for extra items were a nice touch, but it felt a bit limited. After all, you only need to collect 12 diamonds to be able to afford everything in the game, and since they appear in every level, there's little incentive to do anything other than the easiest/fastest levels to accumulate diamonds quickly. Perhaps if they only appeared once per level, it would make their value a bit higher?

And of course, there are a few bugs. I found myself getting stuck more than once, most notably on 3-4, when a giant cactus type enemy knocked me back into a green block that spits arrows; I'd just get stuck in the midair tumble animation, and have no choice but to exit to the map. In addition, the "wall grab" is a bit oversensitive, especially when you need to fall quickly; it seems more logical to make it so you only wall grab for as long as you're pressing the movement button against the wall, rather than simple making contact with it.

And last but not least... the final boss seemed like a bit of a letdown. The Spider didn't feel like much of a fight at all; it was just a climb up randomly generated platforms until reaching a certain point, when the boss self-destructed. And the random platforms made it so the only real difficulty involved is arbitrary; If they line up pretty well, you can easily climb to the top regardless of if it hits you, but there are times when they're so scarce that a single hit will leave you tumbling all the way to the bottom. And of course, the final showdown was ridiculously easy, given I could kill him before he ever came near me.

I know I listed a lot, but I'm just trying to give honest feedback. It's not a bad game by any means, and for the time that I did play, I found myself enjoying it. The sheer randomness of some of the moments, including certain giraffe-based moves, definitely made me laugh. Definitely a good game, but with plenty of room for improvement. Good luck in the future!

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