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Jul 31, 2012 | 6:05 PM EDT

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Made for the StencylJam 2012. Sorry about the filesize

The social mods set out to destroy the evil spambots. Fighting for the social are;

Barlof: A former ex-gangster from Upper Tuffington, he has been dragged back into a world of drive-by head shaking and excessive tea.

Sheri: Her aim straight and true, and her mind as sharp as a razor blade, Sheri gets her cold personality by sitting in a fridge for 13 hours a day

Lyle: If there's one thing Lyle loves, it this. Popular online fighting game Femurboys. If there's a second thing he loves it's explosives.

Kurt: A man of simple tastes, Kurt loves guns, guns, more guns, even more guns, puppies and yet more guns.

Dr Amex: The world's most gifted assassin, Amex uses weapons that break our very understanding of the universe. As well as a plush toy taped to a stick

WASD-Move and Jump
Left Click-Fire
Q-Primary Weapon
E-Secondary Weapon
F-Melee Weapon
X-Go back to start

UPDATE 22nd June 2013
-Some map changes to increase readability
-Enemies moved for fairness
-Fixed sky_sunset3
-Added explosive jumping for everyone, but not as powerful as Lyle's
-Reduced Dr. Amex' rechange increase to 4.5 seconds
-Fixed Fuzzy Logic not saving
-Increased ducking speed

23rd June 2013
-Changed conveyer belt collision boxes
-Edited 3aNouvelle ammo and health placement
-Lowered character collison hitboxes
-Increased electrical spark damage to 2.5 (Dr. Amex, was 2)
-Increased revolver damage to 21 (Kurt, was 18)
-Increses HnH beam damage to 0.4 (Dr. Amex, was 0.3)
-Improved Shotgun reload (Barlof)
-Re-added Sky_morning
-Added trigger to stop Superspam getting stuck

24th June 2013
-Correctly fixed Sky_sunset3
-Increased rocketspeed to 45 (was 40)
-reduced SMG spread to 8.5 (was 9)
-Fixed Flybots not spawning correctly in 4bfuzzylogic
-Increased Grenade explosion radius slightly



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