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Comedy - Original

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Jul 27, 2012 | 8:00 PM EDT

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Author Comments

I made another Reddit cartoon. I actually enjoyed making the last one, and because people wanted another, I decided to make everyone happy and make one more.

I want to do something more original and serious for my next project, so It may be a while.

I tried to keep more correct proportions with this one, so criticism is welcome c:

Thanks :)



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guess what? Carl Marx, the creator of Marxism and then communism was a atheist as well as almost every major dictator that massacred his people on nearly a daily basis was ATHEIST.

also this is a TRUE STATEMENT from Carl Marx (it might not have the EXACT wording since its from my memory) "I am an Atheist, i worship SATAN" (the devil for you atheist fucktards)

you sir, get no stars from me! :D
have fun burning in the lake of fire and taking it up the butt from demons in hell! :D

If you think this guy and most, if not all, atheists are going into hell! i KNOW they are, same with scientologists (a religion which revolves around FAKED information that was disproven many times, beginning around 1950 when scientists tried to create life from a volatile soup of hot tar and dog shit :D )


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I'm an anti-theist and I approve this message.

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I liked this animation. kinda true, it seems the athiests i encounter say stuff about how "you're a retard for believing in something that is not real!" and bashing other religions, not saying all are bad, but seems quite a few are like that.

either way, back to the video, animation was great, also was pretty funny and true.

P.S. @ Kewlboy05 He wasnt making fun of christianity, he was making fun of the fact that most athiests insult people and put them down for believing in different religions.

anyways, have a good day.

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i thought it was quite clever, as for the person below me who thinks its making fun of religeon its not its making fun of the people who hate on religeon. im atheist and im not offended. i just think that Christians get offended to easy


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

i thought it was funny like the people below me im probally going to not give it much stars because im infact a christian and i find this very offensive next time dont make something hating on religons