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Jul 20, 2012 | 1:21 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place July 21, 2012

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adept 5 Points Kill 10 enemies.
headshot 10 Points Get 10 headshots
killer 25 Points Kill 100 enemies
specialist 50 Points Get 50 headshots
agent 100 Points Finish all 10 missions
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Author Comments

I recommend playing in Chrome for the best performance!

Front page, daily 2nd and a great score! Thx guys!

! [ Intense physics and graphics - dual core recommended! ]

! [ Play the tutorial! ]

! [ log in - the game uses online saves (and local for safety) and is saving everything automatically ]


It's been way too long but it's finally here! I'm very proud to present my first full-fledged game.

More than a year in the making, Intruder CT is an action-packed, 2d side-scrolling tactical shooter ("multiplayer" with bots), built on one of the most advanced 2d shooter engines - mGine by

Welcome to the elite international special forces recruitment program.
In order to become the "Intruder", you need to complete the Combat Training. Engage in DM or TDM matches on 5 beautiful and unique maps and complete missions in order to unlock new equipment, gear and weapons for characters or just have a blast in the free play mode. Logged in users can unlock medals and get the top high score for finishing the missions. (you can see you missions score by clicking stats in the customization menu)

While designing this game I tried to focus on creating an amazing action packed experience with deep gameplay mechanics so i had to create a top-notch engine that uses techniques known from modern console and PC titles - fluid skeletal animations, particle effects with full physics, detailed graphics, full sound system with stereo and destruction physics.

I hope you'll love it as I do and you'll see how much work I've put into it and how this game goes beyond typical flash games in both details and the presentation - everything for you guys! This is only the beginning...

Now go play and kill! Leave your review and vote high, maybe give me a fav, would you kindly?

Thx to everyone who helped me: my friends, the fans on my NG blog who bothered me about the release and didn't forget it! Also Tom and all Newgrounds for sponsoring,mike for helping with the save api implementation and MindChamber for testing since the beginning. More details in the game's credits!

Choppy fps? Play with the options - turning off HQ particles, decals and anti-aliasing will help the most
Sorry for the spawn system problems! I'm designing a new system that hopefully will work much better - the current one is the 3rd in this game and i was satisfied with it but seeing many complaints i'll try to do something about it. The spawing is not random, the system is going through all spawn positions and checking if they're safe but you must understand that finding a good spot on the maps with 4 players DM is really hard that's why the system has problems.

[ you can freely distribute this game on your sites, if you want the file or a site lock license PM me or mail: contact [at] mmankt [dot] com ]



Rated 5 / 5 stars June 22, 2013

dude this game is the best one thing is I really wish there was online multiplayer


Rated 5 / 5 stars July 21, 2012

I love this game! :D The game does lag a bit but thats not really a problem also I widh there was a multiplayer for this game, and if there was more customisation and maybe larger maps...............and more guns but still right now this game is terrific!


Rated 5 / 5 stars October 30, 2013


Outstanding , one of best games on this portal , the physics are very advanced , blood and gore
realistics and much more good stuff.

- n21s


Rated 5 / 5 stars October 31, 2013

This is one of my favorite games on the web. I've played and replayed this game countless times, but there are a few issues.

AI Mechanics:
The AI follow the same routes checking all corners of the map. They're kinda dumb because you can wait in the same spot all game and know exactly where they will be coming from. It would be cool if they could hear gunfire in a certain distance around them and respond to that. (add silencers?)
-They also sometimes get stuck in one spot spazzing out until they see you or die.
-There is a good chance that you may spawn right next to an enemy or that an enemy may spawn right behind you. This can get frustrating.
-When shooting right after sprinting, your first shot always angles towards the ground. While this makes sense in a human perspective, it means that a bot with a sniper rifle or a DMR will shoot into the ground or your leg, and be left standing there with his pants down for a short while, enough to kill them before they get the next shot off.
-At long range range you can safely shoot and the enemy will just freeze there and take your bullets.

+The Title menu music is awesome, its a shame you have to sit on the title screen to hear the whole thing.
-Death audio could have more variety. Often times I hear the same audio twice in a row if people die at the same time.

Map design:
-The maps are beautiful, destructible, and detailed. However, it feels like the gameplay takes away some of the potential. For example, in "Warehouse, there are long lines of sight and elevation advantages, but no weapon, not even the sniper rifle, can extend the view long enough to engage at the distances the map provides. I know that the bullets travel farther than the view range, but its a shame you can't have some sort of toggled high powered scope zoom. (to balance it, the whole screen would turn black except for a long beam of "tunnel vision" which you could have extended view range.)
-The maps all have the same atmosphere: dirty urban abandoned buildings. More map variety?

+I love the bullet physics, and grenade cooking. Mines are awesome. exploding barrels next to mines are awesome. Dismemberment using a 50. cal is awesome.
-Need more weapon customization. silencers, scopes, laser sights, flashlights... sacrifice one advantage for another.
-Need more variety of weapons. Definitely more explosives/fire weapons. XM-25? C4? Molotovs?
+There are distinct strengths/weaknesses for each weapon.

Other things:
+Beautiful game and world.
+Soo much detail in map design, animation, everything
+I love the stat page.
-Add some sort of story. It's not training when there's guts all over the place.
-I don't like the current unlock system of beating a map to unlock things. You should be able to unlock things in different ways. xp? money? kills? achievements?
-maybe some way to get unused explosives from bodies or refill ammo somehow?

I'm giving 5 stars because regardless of the flawed AI, you've still made a completely original, detailed, and entertaining game.

PS: Do you even read these? :P

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mmankt responds:

of course, every single one. this was great, thx, i'm working on a sequel for q1 2014 and all the flaws and missing things will be gone!


Rated 5 / 5 stars November 1, 2012

This is awesome! Good Job! I'll give you 5 Stars