Cult Prophecy

rated 3.89 / 5 stars
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Adventure - Point 'n Click

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Jul 13, 2012 | 9:28 PM EDT

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30 5 Points Read about the fate of an unwilling victim.
Catacombs 5 Points Solved the first puzzle and proceeded to the basement.
Escape 5 Points Found a hiden tunnel to get out of the house.
Hidden Truths 5 Points Found a way to progress, along with a secret amongst the house.
Journalist's Report 10 Points Read the report about the house's history.
Servant of the House 10 Points Solved the final puzzle in preperation of escape.
Cult Prophecy 25 Points Beat the game and discovered first hand what the cult is.

Author Comments

Hello everyone.This is my first complete attempt at a horror game.

I started working on this last summer, exactly one year ago. Progress abruptly ended, and didn't continue until May 2012. I then decided to finish it this month. Fair and legitimate REVIEWS - not comments - please. Your input can help me aspire to become a better Flash game developer.

Instructions: Navigate using the compass. Click in the direction you would like to go. A red arrow means you can proceed, grey means that there is an obstacle, a locked door, nowhere to go, etc. Generally the arrows point you in that direction. Sometimes, the down arrow moves you back, sometimes, it changes your point of view for example. Pay attention to your surroundings. Some of the environment can be interacted with, and sometimes you need to do so to progress further into the house.

- Read all notes you come across. Besides story telling, they sometimes provide essential hints and clues on how to progress.
- Interact with everything.
- Revisit old areas whenever possible, as much as possible. Sometimes the environment changes after certain events, and can help you discover new areas.

That's all, enjoy. Hopefully I succeed in scaring you!

UPDATE 7/14 (now live):

- Intro is a tad bit longer
- Key is easier to get
- Fixed a typo
- The note in the room with the chair no longer disappears
- The ghost no longer reappears
- Fixed the problem with the note animations being interrupted

Thanks for reporting these problems, notify me if I have created any new ones!



Rated 5 / 5 stars the right and click the note the left and click the picture
3.go back to the right and click the right for a baby crib still got a key
4.go back to the left and click the blood stain picture the mother is dead and the father is straded blood the back and open the door the right the door padlock
7.go back and click the note and the window is the woman and click the note is the number of padlock
8.go back to the stair click the note from the floor of stair
9.go back to the door padlock
10.Padlock Number is 4835 the door the sound is noise to the way the right door and click the note is the hand blood the stair and the door is lock
15.go back and click the right door and click the another note
16.go back to the tunnel and click the floor is the stair the way and click the key and the fall dead woman
18.and go bar to the door and click the doll its the blood stain the way its a dead body and click the left and click the note
20.and click the way the door is lock and go back to the stair and click the note on the floor
21.and go back to the dead body and click the right and door the symbols order
23.the symbols is A its down B E R and the A its upside and click the star
24 and go back click the picture painting narrow with the answer
25.the answer is YES! the back
25.go back click the note and count with 6 to go back and click again the note
26.its the face man


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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Game's... ok I guess.

I don't like your use of stock images and just lowering the brightness of them.
The directional pad doesn't make any sense, you don't go where it says.
And come on... Freddy Krueger?


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty cool game...I got all the achievements but the find the report about the house...never could find it :(


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

That got my heart going a bit... please fix the spelling of "Begginning"... beginning.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

The atmosphere of this game is great. I had chills run all over a couple times (or more). It seems as if the animation was edited photos mixed with original animation. I have never cared for this because it makes everything feel out of place. At least, in other games. But here the photos were appropriately edited to reduce that effect and I enjoyed, though cringed at, the creepy artwork.

In the way of constructive criticism, I think there are too many scenes with no interaction and though they do add to the atmosphere, It seems to make the game feel sort of "thin" so to speak. I read in the update that the key was made easier to find. But with so much of this game's progression hinged on a couple keys and number sequences, then they should to be harder to get to. One more thing: background music/sound was missed. Creepy random noises throughout the game would have added alot (like whispering, wind, footsteps, creaking floorboards).

Overall, a very good game. And the P&C horror genre needs more talented designers like this, because its seriously lacking.