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Jul 13, 2012 | 9:28 PM EDT

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30 5 Points Read about the fate of an unwilling victim.
Catacombs 5 Points Solved the first puzzle and proceeded to the basement.
Escape 5 Points Found a hiden tunnel to get out of the house.
Hidden Truths 5 Points Found a way to progress, along with a secret amongst the house.
Journalist's Report 10 Points Read the report about the house's history.
Servant of the House 10 Points Solved the final puzzle in preperation of escape.
Cult Prophecy 25 Points Beat the game and discovered first hand what the cult is.

Author Comments

Hello everyone.This is my first complete attempt at a horror game.

I started working on this last summer, exactly one year ago. Progress abruptly ended, and didn't continue until May 2012. I then decided to finish it this month. Fair and legitimate REVIEWS - not comments - please. Your input can help me aspire to become a better Flash game developer.

Instructions: Navigate using the compass. Click in the direction you would like to go. A red arrow means you can proceed, grey means that there is an obstacle, a locked door, nowhere to go, etc. Generally the arrows point you in that direction. Sometimes, the down arrow moves you back, sometimes, it changes your point of view for example. Pay attention to your surroundings. Some of the environment can be interacted with, and sometimes you need to do so to progress further into the house.

- Read all notes you come across. Besides story telling, they sometimes provide essential hints and clues on how to progress.
- Interact with everything.
- Revisit old areas whenever possible, as much as possible. Sometimes the environment changes after certain events, and can help you discover new areas.

That's all, enjoy. Hopefully I succeed in scaring you!

UPDATE 7/14 (now live):

- Intro is a tad bit longer
- Key is easier to get
- Fixed a typo
- The note in the room with the chair no longer disappears
- The ghost no longer reappears
- Fixed the problem with the note animations being interrupted

Thanks for reporting these problems, notify me if I have created any new ones!



Rated 3 / 5 stars July 15, 2012

this is really creepy but i dont understand the button thingy help???

Emby responds:

Read the poem on the stairs, it hints you the answer.


Rated 3 / 5 stars July 14, 2012

not the best game. There's something wrong with the combination system for the locked door. I have the right one but it still keeps saying wrong combination. A problem maybe? You should look into it.

Emby responds:

It works, you have the wrong combination. Check for more clues!


Rated 3 / 5 stars July 14, 2012

It was kind of scary at first, then it spiraled down to frustration. Sorry man, it's just that it's so hard to click things like the key in the crib. I'm stuck at the key under the floor thingy btw, help anyone?

Emby responds:

I see you figured it out. I'm getting around to fixing everything. Thanks for the input.


Rated 4 / 5 stars July 14, 2012

This wasn't the greatest horror game I have ever played, but given that it was your first one, I found it to be pretty damn scary. My only complaint is that even with my computer screen at its maximum brightness, it was still a little tough to see. Other than that, I loved it! The scares and plot were a little cliche, but then again, most horror is. I really enjoyed this game, and hope to see more from you!

Emby responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your review.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars July 14, 2012

Fuck you, Emby ! I almost had a heart attack at the last scene!
That was a nice and scary game full of cheap scares... Just the way I like it.
The story reminded me of many horror movies in different places.
The sounds were pretty good although I can't say the same for the music.
The music kept stalling, there should have been a somber ambience atleast.
I liked the use of dark backgrounds that keep you guessing what could spring out of where.
The hand at the stairs and the corpse scared me pretty good but the last one made me actually scream.

The words were nicely composed, although I had an annoying problem with the notes.
If you click on a note when it's moving up or down on the screen, it freezes and you have to click 5 or 6 times to bring it up/down frame by frame.
Also in the room with the bloody "30" on the wall, the second note has a typo: " hided" instead of "hidden".

Most of your scares are predictable (they only occur after you click on something) so here's some advice:
Execute the scare when your mouse is hovering over a random object or when your mouse is halfway to reaching some object instead of after you click on it. Like for example when you see the body on the table, every one's natural instinct will be to click on it, so execute the scare when the mouse crosses the base of the table on its way from the compass to the body
That way the scare has the element of surprise and does double the damage.

For your first game, it's glitchy and irritating but, its pretty damn impressive.
I'd love to see more, perhaps a sequel. But with better executed scares i hope.
Cheers !

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Emby responds:

I'm glad you thoroughly enjoyed it! I never fixed that problem with the notes because no one else mentioned it, so I didn't feel like it! Now that you have, I'll get around to fixing that sometime. That typo you mentioned was on purpose.

Thanks for your input! I will keep those tips in mind when I make another one of these games (sequel or not). Also, thanks for putting the time into your review - it gave me something to read and means a lot.