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Jul 13, 2012 | 12:49 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Please support me by supporting Nagai Yamiji. Either spread the word or consider buying a copy when it's released :) Thanks!

This is a hentai animation, of My Little Pony no less, so if you dislike hentai or are under the appropriate age where you live, please watch something else.

Why ponies? Why the fuck not? I like the show and thought I should create some fan-made content, the only way I know how: with dicks in it. I assume I'll be receiving grief for this, regardless of any number of disclaimers. I intent to ignore any reviews that amount to "ponyfag" insults or the like when I normally respond to all reviews. I assume this punishment will sit in the very depths of your heart until it forces you to see the error of your ways. The world will be a better place when you realize, "Oh damn, there are people out there who don't give a shit about my opinion?" Indeed.

Anyway, I plan upon making a Twilight Sparkle animation based on a picture by randomrandom. It's going to be a POV anal sex animation, hoo! (scootaloo)

Rarity and all stuff not made by me and others listed in the credits is owned by Hasbro, but your know that.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars July 16, 2012

Not too shabby, was good looking, simple and gives you a lot of room to upgrade. I can't rate you on sound cause my speakers are shot.

Kajio responds:

Glad you liked it


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars July 16, 2012

It's good, but like some other reviewers said, if you don't like it why did you click on it? The creator DIDN'T FORCE you to play the game YOU(the haters) did. So shame on YOU for being fucking hypocrites and 0 staring it cuz you "dislike" MLP: FiM. Not the creators fault, but YOURS and YOURS alone. But this needs to be somewhat an Adult rating, but it's still a good game.

Kajio responds:

I'm glad you share this view! I don't have direct control over the rating.


Rated 4 / 5 stars July 16, 2012

good. but this have to be adult!!

Kajio responds:

I have no direct control over the rating


Rated 3 / 5 stars July 16, 2012

nice but it was little creepy/funny and I'm a bronie so ehh I guess mixed feelings about this...

Kajio responds:

Mixed feelings are awesome feelings.


Rated 3 / 5 stars July 16, 2012

I don't usually review things on Newgrounds anymore, this isn't even my usual account to do so. However, I'll make an exception since I've been a long time fan of yours. I don't like pony porn, period. It doesn't disturb me, I just don't like it -- I understand other people like different things when it comes to pornography, I myself like some pretty odd things. I respect that and them for their likes and dislikes.

However, I'd just like to note: insulting people for not expressing their opinion, whether it be pointless and useless, even if they're insulting -- it's not cool, I mean, sure, this is the internet and all, sure. I can't really explain this without sounding like a jerk, my point is their opinions and insight may be crippled because of their beliefs, so you need to give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to things like that, I myself was once a brony, I don't consider myself a brony anymore, however, I simply watch the show and that's it. If you notice, most bronies shove the fandom down peoples throats, you're somewhat doing this here, not by making the flash, no, the flash is brilliant, but what you're saying in general.

Anyway, if Newgrounds still had its old and good rating system, my review would be something like this:

Graphics: 6/10. Mediocre, I understand not everyone is the best artist, but you could take some time to improve on the way you draw penises and hands. The penis (to me) looked bloated and sickly, and the hand, well, it just looks as if it's not your best subject. Hands, I mean; I can't even draw hands that good.

Gameplay: 4/10. It's cool you added a manual and automatic mode, however -- I don't see any people wanting to use the manual mode, it just seems rather pointless to me. Also, I'd like to note automatic mode is jittery and "laggy" per say, it's not me. The options you added for glasses and such are nice.

Sound: 2/10. Low quality sounds in general. Don't rip Rarity's sounds from the show, it sounds horrid. If you want my opinion, every time someone tries to do that, it sounds ridiculous. The music, however, was just fine.

Animation: 6/10. Sloppy but tolerable. I'm not an expert at animating so I really can't help you out with this, it just looked sloppy to me.

Also, I noticed a few grammatical errors.

Kajio responds:

I don't even know how to respond to this. I have responded to almost every review ever given to me, but you have left me speechless.