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Jul 6, 2012 | 8:57 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place July 8, 2012

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Some are still getting stuck a black-screen, my only suggestion right now is to try playing in the pop-up window w/ the latest version of Flash Player*

Also added an alternate targeting scheme (just click on an enemy with the mouse to target it)
The Slush Fighters are back! Use a variety of characters to repel the invasion once and for all!

20+ levels take place from a college campus, to the countryside, a winter village, and even into a digital world. Featuring multiple boss battles that come with powerful rewards.

Progress through each of the levels by propelling the main enemy through the air.
Allowing the main bad guy to slow down will cause game over.

-Mouse + some keyboard controls (although it can be played with only the keyboard).
-Click a fighter's icon on the display to initiate an attack on the current target.
-Press 'Q' and 'E' to target specific enemies on screen.
-Press 'W' to revert back to the main enemy.
-Team Menu: Add/drop characters to your team and buy upgrades with your score.
-Map Menu(Level Select): Replay older levels for a higher score (and more spendable points!).

*Edit* Sorry about the bugs guys, usually a quick refresh or exiting to the main menu will fix it. Also this game is pretty graphics intensive, so try lowering the quality to help with the lag.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesome! I loved the slush invaders movie, so a game is really cool!


Rated 1 / 5 stars

was good not during boss fights anything but the boss fights. the keys stuck i found a glitch on my pc that if i mash ben kenobis player attack he will repedetly spam his ability until the level is over plz do better next time.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

@light: I can agree with you on some of your cases, like the targeting system for example. It is extremely hard to get the targeting to work correctly, it's something that you have to get use to though. I did have a hard time with it at first but i got the hang of it after a little while.
Also, the not knowing of what the new team member does was kind of inconvienent also, but it does give you a hint of what they do and not like you lose points or anything for trying them out to see if they are good fighters or not.
If you cant figure out how to target on certain persons, then you are going to want fighters that can attack multiple fighters at once. Lastly, the "Defender" that your talking about, Sticorey, it wouldn't be a fair game if you could make the ones that do fight invincible and also the person who makes the people invincible, invincible also, because your team would just destroy everyone without even making it a challenge at all. There does need to be work on this but there aren't as much as you said there were.
And thats just the gameplay, I love the animations for this and very good backgrounds, all of it was smooth and still with very little lag (for me atleast). Plus, It was colorful other than a bland B&W game. Pretty funny cutscenes and the songs for this are also nice. audio wasn't fuzzy or anything like that, so that's also good.

Four out of Five.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very cool,very awesome.At first i was like wtf? but then, i understood the controls :P


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Ugh. There are so many problems with this game.

There's a lot of potential here and it's evident that you put a lot of effort into the game and for that, I commend you. Still, that doesn't mean this game is without its flaws, and boy, there are quite a few.

The targeting system is shitty in this game. When I want to target a given enemy, I'm forced to to exert quite a bit of effort to do so; it's confusing and I end up targeting the wrong enemies. This problem is exacerbated after one beats the game and replays it in hard mode, as there are so many enemies on the screen that it becomes nearly impossible to target the enemy one wants to kill quickly.

Some of the fighters are just downright useless in most, if not all situations. Oddly enough, it seems that some characters are just more powerful versions of other character, such as the yellow fighter sniper and his more powerful sky blue sniper fighter cousin.

One of the more useful characters in the game(One that proves almost necessary to beat certain levels) is capable of shielding against attacks near ground level. Oddly enough, this "fighter" can be killed. It doesn't seem to make much sense to make a fighter whose job is to be a defender when he can be killed, especially when he can be killed rather quickly.

The game can be unnecessarily difficult at times, which discourages the player from relaxing and just having some fun. Because of the way the targeting system functions and that in the more difficult levels, there is a huge number of enemies to contend with, the game becomes frustratingly difficult, and not difficult in a fun or exciting way.

After beating the game, I noticed that there was a shop where I could purchase(With the points I've earned from playing) a "cookbook," which informs the player of the best combinations of fighters to achieve certain results. That was OK, but the problem is that by the time you beat the game, you already have a good idea of which fighters one should have on his/her team. Also, it's annoying that the summaries of each new fighter's abilities are entirely unsatisfactory. They're unsatisfactory because you still don't get much of an idea of how they fight until you use them, often with disastrous results. You should've shown the player(s) just how these fighters do what they do, instead of having them find out through experience, which can result in a very frustrating experience, at least, in my case.

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gildedguy responds:

Hey, thanks for the review. I understand where you're coming from about the targeting system and the resulting chaos. As for the fighters, I was really trying to encourage experimentation (you'd be surprised how helpful some "useless" characters are). I'm sorry the game got too frustrating later on, I'll keep your feedback in mind when I tune difficulty.