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Jul 6, 2012 | 8:09 PM EDT

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Avoid getting blammed!
Basic controls: arrow keys to move, spacebar to shoot.



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Ummmm, well, I'll start with the good. This concept works well in this environment. blaming is something that your advice should all be familiar with so point for that. There are however quite a few areas that could use improvement such as the lack of a replay button. Also after the game has been lost keeping the space bar down cause shot instances to still be create at 0,0. And a final note is that a shooter of this short gains 50% more excitement if the background is doing anything. 100% more is that background contributes to the game and gives the scene a sense of action and motion.

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holyhelltv responds:

thats alot of work.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

No score, no way to win, no point playing.
You could at least add some kind of a counter to show how many seconds you've lasted.
Though I guess it's kind of meta-success - *this game* didn't get blammed.
I'm also curious why you used pre-redesign graphics.

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holyhelltv responds:

you want there to be a point in playing? look again, theirs no point in any game.


Rated 1 / 5 stars


Game Needs Lots of Work

- The background is too busy, and it takes away from the foreground (all the game's entities, player, enemies, projectiles etc.) Consider using a softer background.
- The flame projectile looks like it is a ripped sprite. I recommend looking up Lost Garden, and checking out some of his legit, free graphics. Also, since your theme is Newgrounds, the flame doesn't fit as a projectile anyway. You'd be better off using a simple orb-like projectile.
- The flame animation is tacky.

Gameplay and Design
- A Flash icon isn't the most appealing graphic for player to look at. Perhaps replace it with a Normal whistle.
- Add some power-ups or special abilities to the player's "ship". You could use some of the EXP icons as items. What's a shooter without special powers at some point in the game? You could even use the bronze, silver, gold, and deity whistles (assuming you considered my previous not) to display the player's ship as it got stronger.
- Add more enemy types with different behaviors. There's the notorious troll face looking thing, which pops up in lots of spam Flashes. Maybe you could even use the garbage whistle as an enemy.
There are also the 0-vote icons for audio and art, too.
- Add health to some enemies, building off the last note, so that they all don't take one hit to destroy.
- Add a delay to the player's firing, so all the projectiles don't come out as an continuous stream.
- When you die, don't just abruptly reset the player.
- Add sound effects for firing, when you hit and destroy an enemy, and when you get hit and destroyed.
- Select a song that isn't so short, so the loop doesn't get monotonous so fast.
- Add the ability to mute the music (and sounds too should you add sounds to a future game).
- Add a HUD that shows lives, and score (assuming you add a scoring system).
- When the game over text appears, don't use bland fonts (times New Roman, etc.). Either (1) find a custom free font, and embed it into your Flash; or (2) draw your own text labels.

- Add the ability to move diagonally. Controls are otherwise solid.

Unless you are really good and confident in your abilities, you should _never_ release your first game to the public. This is the type of work you'd want to upload to your Newgrounds Dump, and invite some friends to look at it first, before releasing.

Best skill, and hope you improve on your game design and coding skills. And YES, it IS a lot of work.

- Ziro out.

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Rated 1 / 5 stars

This game has a generic concept, and the music is annoying. Even though I love Newgrounds, TomFulp, and the Pico series, I cannot stand the music loop. The red text at the end "Game Over" doesn't look very good and it gives me a headache. At least add a black border around the text or something. You could easily choose better graphics, and blamming is a good thing. If things weren't blammed Newgrounds would be full of crappy 1-minute flashes. I am surprised this didn't get blammed. This isn't a good game.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Funny, I like the reference and the game reminds me of simple shooting games of older times but on a simple one play note, its an okay game.

holyhelltv responds:

i made this for newgrounds because newgrounds is awesome. and i love newgrounds, NEWGROUNDS!!!!!