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Event Horizon

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Jul 5, 2012 | 12:13 AM EDT

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Author Comments

It's basically my feelings in animated form.

The Event Horizon is the part of a black hole that is the point of no return. After assembling the "truth", she falls into the formed Event Horizon, never to come back to the old ways again.

Song is Promises by Parov Stelar.



Event Horizon has several meanings. The biggest one is the theme of denial. While atop the building, the girl (who is representative of myself) is looking at a heart that says "Mommy loves you". This piece is representative of her mother's attempt at protecting her. However, she no longer believes in this. Despite the police trying to tell her otherwise, she jumps, reflecting her inability to accept this any longer.

She goes on a personal quest to discover herself. She is attracted to a toy store, which also symbolizes her immaturity. She climbs a ladder towards the truth, and through that ordeal, she finally can put the pieces together. But she doesn't like what she sees. The circles merge and form a black hole, which shatters the pieces and drag her towards it. The black hole is symbolic of once discovering the truth, there is no turning back. Essentially, she is being pulled towards the truth.

Once she passes into this void, there is a cold, unwelcoming world that meets her. On one side is a city, the other, a mountainous area near the Arctic Sea. She tries to escape, but the event horizon prevents this, and outside she sees the heart drop beyond the horizon, never able to turn back to the viewpoint of her mother.

And what was this viewpoint you may ask?

That of her mental condition, which goes back to the second meaning. The second meaning is that it is her learning of a condition that she has. In the last few months I've been going through a turmoil to go and seek a truth about myself.

The symbols become a bit more heavy handed as she gets into the toy store. Filled with toys, she finds herself surrounded by things in her childhood. She climbs a ladder, representing her DNA, and discovers a puzzle box, representing the disorder. The box is labeled Truth because she "assembles the truth" as one would assemble a puzzle, the pieces each being evidence that builds the whole picture.

The puzzle thus symbolizes not only simply discovering the truth, but taking the facts together, as well as a heavy handed symbol for autism.

A last minor note is that the name "Arctic Sea" was chosen not just because of the snowy cold, but because the abbriviation is the same as for Asperger's Syndrome.

The song was chosen because while the song is traditionally a song about breaking up, the lyrics are also relevant in this context, because it's about breaking up with a previous belief in turn for one that feels more degrading, but true.

And as such, to put it shortly, it is a visual representation of a personal discovery in which I discovered that I was autistic, which is something I never wanted to be, and had difficulty accepting because of the connotations (let alone that I'm 19 years old :/) . Mother would not accept these beliefs, but I felt it was necessary to extend beyond how she felt because this is me and I have a right to find my truth, as much as I may not like it.

Regardless of what may be the issue at hand, though, this dreadful stage of discovering a "monster" that lies within yourself in rejection of a nicer fiction is difficult to handle, and once you find your own truth about it, there's no turning back, no matter how dreadful it is.

Of course, considering my openness, I no longer am in a state of denial. I don't really care that much beyond this point, beyond looking at it and saying, "well, that's just what I get to work with, and what I gotta work at". It's really not a huge deal, but when it's painted with such an ugly face, it's hard to not be afraid. And it's hard to have such intense feelings that can only be described with images in my head and to force them to stay there. And thus, I made this, because it was an artistic expression of how I feel.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

That's deep.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

That was very, very touching.

The thing is, with videos, there's always that content/execution balance you need to find for it to be good, and I can't say this had the most spectacular art or animation ever, but there was something else there, and it was heart, soul, and emotion. Putting your heart and mind to something, drawing it and then bringing it to life though animation naturally creates this energy, and any viewer who can sense that energy will feel the emotions of what the author put into it. Let me tell you, I'm not really soft, but I almost shed a tear at some parts through admiration for this.

I really like the flow this had, the transition to scenes and angles was nice and dynamic. The rain effects were good, and I loved the turning-point of the video, where she opens the box and assembles the puzzle, there was just this burst of color and I liked that. But the ending shot was my favorite, pressed against the glass wall, longing to get passed, as it zoomed out with all the snow and the grey sky surrounding her, I dunno what it was but I really, really loved that a lot, it just seems like it showed what you were feeling, you got the point across of what you were trying to say, the story you were trying to tell. That's what I love about animation and cartoons. I'm really proud of you.

daigonite responds:


More than most people you know what was going on and while I didn't tell you everything, you probably figured it was a lot to deal with, especially at my age and current standing. It kinda was natural I think. Like it felt necessary to do this.

I think in the future while my cartoons may become less clunky or flawed, and have progressively better art, they won't really hit the same chord as with this one, simply because it's a visual representation of things I can't express with words. I'm glad that my messages come across.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dude I shit you not this made me shed tears, that song with a sad theme. too much at once man.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome as always. I really love your style of animation. It seems people don't seem to do it as much anymore, but I'm glad you're around!

And again, Parov Stelar <3


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Job well done.
A music flash is always good granted the song isn't god awful, but I liked the song.
The simplicity is nice, however, it was the emotion and the mood with what was going on all around that really made it great.
All in all, it wasn't too dark and I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.