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Strike Force Heroes

rated 4.13 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Multidirectional

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Jul 3, 2012 | 2:17 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place July 4, 2012

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Author Comments

Level up four unique classes to unlock over 65 weapons, multiple skills, and killstreaks, to customize your loadout. Play the campaign for a fully voiced, action-packed story, or create a custom quickmatch to let off some steam. Try the challenges to truly put your skills to the test.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

the best game eva


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fun as h*** but I wish there were more missions. Best classes are the sniper and commando!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

this is the best but the most best is the sniper but every thing is hard unlike the tank (noob).


Rated 5 / 5 stars

While in team Fortress...
Spy:We have a new team name
Soldier:What is it?
Spy:Strike Force
Heavy:NO!Lets call it.Sanvich


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

9/10 ~ 9.5/10

It was a good game, but I couldn't give it full marks due to certain discrepancies.
Overall, due to the fact that many secondary weapons (desert eagle, cyclone, the FN P90, etc) rival the firepower of primary weapons, the main issue becomes a matter of HP. Simply put, the tank has an overwhelming advantage in overall combat & missions (ex: tanks are unmatched in domination & capture the flag games). Seriously, get a desert eagle/cyclone/OMAR with a high tier shield, and watch as people get trolled. Thank god the tank doesn't have the highest accuracy; they're overpowered enough already.

Also, for the sniper, most of its top tier weapons suck compared to the Jackal. The Jackal, though only a low tier weapon, is far better than the Dragonov in terms of immediate damage per second. Seeing as snipers kill primarily through rapid, attack assaults, the jackal rivals the crossbow and even the AWP because of its high rate of fire & good damage. The AWP was particularly disappointing; AWP is the worst last tier weapon of all classes (except for the katana). Too low ammunition, low rate of fire. AWP is good in 1 vs 1 matches, but sucks in team combat (you get overwhelmed easily).

As for the medic, it name was....disappointing. You'd think that a medic would heal fast, but in reality, they're real sole advantage is their use of assault rifles. The high power handguns like the 357 & 44 are great, but the last tier weapon- the 500 magnum- was just lacking. It's pretty much a sniper rifle, except with lower average damage per second. I can beat the 500 magnum with the jackal, dragonuv, awp, and crossbow- (over half of the sniper's possible rifles).

For the commando, it is true that it is unmatched in 1 vs 1 when you equip guided missiles. However, it truly sucks in multi-combat, since rockets take a huge time to reload. As for the machineguns, don't use them- you're better off with the OICW or the desert eagle for effective damage.

...lastly, the sword option for snipers SUCKED. When you charge at them, you usually end up DEAD. Before you can hit someone, Tanks just blow your face with shotguns, commandos nuke your ass with rockets, the medic sprays you to death before you arrive, and enemy snipers just turn your head into a doughnut. Even with the assassin perk, you still end up dead in team modee since your position is revealed.

However, admittedly, a sniper with a katana & assassin perk is theoretically invincible in 1 vs 1, since you can wait until your enemy arrives close enough to be killed. The nyou wait until you turn invisible, and do it over and over again.

Still, good game-just work on the class effectiveness with multi combat and 1 vs 1.

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